Best Hawaiian Cruise Destinations

Oahu, Hawaii — one of the best Hawaiian islands to visit

Rather than choosing the best Hawaiian island to visit, unpack once and explore four of the top Hawaiian islands when you cruise to the Aloha State with Princess®. Travel on the Road to Hana in Maui, visit Pearl Harbor on Oahu, hike to cascading waterfalls on Kauai and walk along the black-sand beaches of the Big Island. Whether traveling to Hawaii for a honeymoon, family vacation or quality time with your best friends, here are the best Hawaiian Islands to visit for every occasion. 

Best Hawaiian Island for Your Honeymoon

Nothing says romance quite like Kauai. As one of the quieter islands, it allows couples to share special moments amidst the spectacular landscapes. Home to Waimea Canyon — the Grand Canyon of the Pacific — Kauai is brimming with emerald mountains, copper valleys and azure waters that are known to inspire love stories. Boat to waterfalls and sea caves, then jump into the sparkling sea, hand-in-hand with your spouse, and get close to rainbow-colored marine life. Hike through lush rainforests and along calm beaches for a special moment with your loved one. Or, soar in a helicopter to enjoy aerial views of both land and sea while descending deeper into the dramatic canyons. From the romantic scenery to the whimsical excursions, Kauai is truly one of the best Hawaiian islands for honeymooners. 

Best Hawaiian Island for A Family Vacation

Thanks to its abundant wildlife, culture and outdoor activities, Maui is known to be one of the best Hawaiian Islands for a family vacation. Famous for whale watching, this serene island invites you to sail into the waters for a chance to see beloved humpback whales. Kids can listen for them singing beneath the sea while parents stay camera-ready for their shy appearance above the surface. Or, travel along Hana Road in a limo-van where you can stop for a waterfall swim and enjoy a beachside picnic. With adventures for family members of any age, it’s no wonder that Maui is one of the best Hawaiian Islands to visit with your loved ones.

Best Hawaiian Island to Visit with Friends

Between the tranquil beaches and slower island pace, Hawaii is the perfect destination to reset and recharge with your friends. But, you don’t have to forgo the energy and nightlife of a city on your trip to the Aloha State. Oahu is the best Hawaiian island to visit with small or large groups as it offers something for everyone. Sail along the city-lined shores on a two-hour sunset dinner cruise with your favorite friends. Attend a luau and savor traditional Hawaiian food together and meet other guests at your table. Or, stop into any of the tiki-style bars and toast with companions, old and new. As the most popular destination in the Aloha State, Oahu is undoubtedly included among the best Hawaiian Islands to visit for those looking to disconnect from reality and reconnect with friends.

Best Island to Visit in Hawaii for Your First Time

The best island to visit in Hawaii for your first time depends on your desired itinerary. Adventurous guests may want to hike the trails of Kauai whereas those looking for cultural exploration may prefer the Big Island. With each destination offering something unique, the best way to experience all that Hawaii has to offer is on a cruise vacation where you can get a taste of every island.

Best Time to Cruise to Hawaii

The summer temperatures and warm ocean breezes never go out of season in Hawaii. Whether you want to honeymoon in April or explore in December, you can revel in the state’s summer-like conditions all year round. So, when debating the best time to cruise to Hawaii, the answer is simple — anytime with Princess.