Best Time to Cruise to Hawaii

Beautiful views abound in the best time to visit Hawaii

No matter the season, the best time to cruise to Hawaii is all year long. Follow pods of humpback whales during their late winter migration or embark on waterfall hikes when the trails dry in the spring. With Princess, get the best of both worlds with relaxation and adventure at your fingertips. Whether your itinerary takes you to the cliffs of Kauai or the beaches of Maui, there’s no bad time of year to sail to Hawaii.

Hawaii in the Winter

While winter means cold weather for much of the United States, the holiday season brings something different to Hawaii. Delightful temperatures, sunny skies and refreshing waters invite guests to visit these tropical islands and trade snowmen for sand castles. But, that’s not all you can expect to see during this season. Keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales breaking through the water’s surface as they migrate from Alaska. This is the best time of year to cruise Hawaii and see these animals as they travel by the hundreds. In Oahu, winter brings some of the biggest waves and the ideal time to watch top surfers hang ten. Or, swap your fir tree for a palm tree and celebrate the holidays island-style. Depending on your sail date, you might even catch the Honolulu City Lights in December thanks to More Ashore late-night departures and overnight stays in select ports. With an evening of opportunity ahead, stay through nightfall and watch as hand-crafted floats adorned in rainbow lights bring the streets to life. Even if you miss the snow during a holiday cruise, you can still enjoy snowflakes on board. With life-like snow in the Atrium and a festively decorated ship, get your holiday fix without the chilly weather.

Hawaii in the Fall and Spring

As the rest of the world transitions to a cooler fall season, Hawaii maintains its summer status. Blue skies and revitalizing sunshine welcome pods of humpback whales on their migration to warmer climates in the fall and spring. Set out on a catamaran tour to get up close to these beloved animals, and admire them in their natural playground. In the fall, grab your surfboard and hit the waves. With smaller tides, both beginner and seasoned surfers can learn new skills in these forgiving waters. During the spring, visit the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden in Hilo to see over 2,000 tropical plants in full bloom. You can even look for the plumeria making their yearly appearance. Or, enjoy freshly groomed trails as you navigate Waimea Canyon in Kauai, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Between the peaceful landscapes and the quiet beaches, the shoulder season is one of the best times to visit Hawaii if you’re looking for a mid-year vacation.

With bright skies and warm sand all year long, any month can be considered the best month to go to Hawaii. Whether you’re looking for a tropical holiday or a year-round retreat, unpack once and see four of the most popular Hawaiian Islands any time of year with Princess.