Highlights of a Glacier Bay National Park Cruise

Princess cruise ship in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

For many people, the highlight of an Alaskan cruise is a visit to a glacier. These natural formations are best viewed from the decks of a cruise ship or your own balcony, as you can get close to the action. When it comes to the best viewing opportunities in Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park frequently ranks among the best for its natural scenery, wildlife spotting, and the unique learning opportunities available to travelers visiting on a cruise ship.

Park Rangers Join the Ship

One of the unique, enriching features of experiencing Glacier Bay National Park on an Alaskan cruise is that you're able to learn directly from the park rangers. At the beginning of a Glacier Bay cruise, they board the ship in order to provide background information on the natural scenery, wildlife, and conservation efforts going on within the park. So, in addition to viewing some of the world's best scenery, you receive personal information from the people who work hard to protect this natural wonder each and every day.

The Peace and Power of a Glacier

During the visit to Glacier Bay National Park, you'll have ample viewing time of these impressive formations. Apart from taking in the beautiful Alaskan scenery, lucky travelers may witness giant hunks of ice breaking off of the glacier and crashing down into the bay with a cracking roar that echoes all around.

Cruising to Alaska provides great viewing opportunities no matter where you are on the ship. Whether you wish to enjoy the scenery from your balcony, on the ship's promenade, or on deck enjoying a truly Alaskan meal of locally caught salmon or reindeer chili, you'll enjoy being surrounded by one of the most beautiful views you can have at sea.

Wildlife Spotting

You may be booking your Alaskan cruise for the natural beauty of Glacier Bay National Park, but this scenic destination is also the perfect place for viewing animals straight from the ship. The land and waters of Glacier Bay National Park have been a destination for viewing whales, bald eagles, and so much more. Be sure to bring a pair of binoculars and ask the on-board rangers what to look out for in order to get a closer glimpse at Alaska's most treasured wildlife.