Cruising with the family

Family vacations can be hard to plan, especially if travelers have kids or happen to be bringing along grandma and grandpa. On a cruise, however, passengers of all ages have countless activities to choose from, many of which are catered to particular generations. What's more, a lot of these things, including onboard activities and shore excursions, take place all day, so passengers don't have to worry about planning ahead to make the most of their trip.

Relish in group rates

Princess Cruises believes that with sea vacations, the more the merrier, and families can enjoy discounted rates whether they sail to New Zealand or Alaska. Unlike traditional holidays, cruises include room and board, saving passengers the hassle of having to pull out their wallet at every meal. Additionally, large groups of people can attend concerts and take onboard classes at no extra charge.

Although most onboard activities are included in the price of a cruise, shore excursions come at an extra cost. Fortunately for families, however, they can enjoy lowered ticket prices if they decide to get off the boat together.

Sticking together

If passengers book well in advance, multigenerational families can stay in neighboring rooms or staterooms that sleep as many as 8 people.

While onboard, families can spend quality time at any number of sports facilities, including the tennis court and top deck pool.

Enjoy occasional independence

All of Princess' cruise ships have special areas for kids and adults to spend time with other passengers of the same age. With plenty of kids-only zones, children can make new friends and tell mom and dad all about it. At the Sanctuary, meanwhile, parents can indulge in a few moments of peace and quiet while listening to the sounds of the ocean.

Relaxing Poolside
Relaxing Poolside