Sleep Better Using All Five Senses

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According to board-certified sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus, "It's important to remember that above all, sleep is a sensory experience. In fact, all five of your senses must be prepared for slumber in order for sleep to come easily and last all night long." To prepare our guests for the ultimate night of sleep at sea, we consulted with Dr. Breus to optimize our staterooms for a sleep-friendly sensory experience.


"It's important to have a sleep system that cradles you in comfort while providing good support. It’s the mattress, pillow, sheets, duvet, everything. And don’t forget the gentle rocking motion of the ship."

  • We developed The Princess Luxury Bed for optimal sleep with Dr. Michael Breus
  • The gentle rocking motion of our ships has been scientifically proven to help you sleep
  • Our crew can adjust your stateroom thermostat for optimal sleep temperature
  • Find a personalized pillow and pillow-top menu in your stateroom, featuring The Dreampad, a pillow that uses patented technology to deliver music through gentle vibration, which stimulates your body’s relaxation response and allows you to reduce anxiety and fall asleep.*


"Almost no other sense can affect your sleep like sight, or light. We know that your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep is directly related to how much or what type of light is in your stateroom."

  • Morning sunlight from your Princess balcony resets your internal clock and reduces jet lag
  • Princess provides blackout curtains to block outdoor light and foster melatonin production
  • At turndown you'll find Dr. Breus SLEEP tips plus local sleep habits for the destinations you'll visit
  • We offer eye shades to shield your eyes from light which inhibits sleep*


"If it is a snoring bed partner, or your environment, sound affects your sleep. Did you know that the sound of the ocean is one of the only sounds known to help lull you into a blissful slumber?"

  • Tune into the SLEEP Channel on your stateroom TV for relaxing music by MusiCure*, proven to help you fall asleep based on years of evidence-based medical research.
  • Princess provides guided SLEEP meditation audio from Dr. Breus to induce sleep.
  • We offer ear plugs to block out noises which interrupt sleep–like a snoring bed partner!

*MusiCure is presented by Scandic Health LLC.


"Never underestimate the power of your nose! Aromatherapy has been scientifically proven to help a person relax. And with that relaxation comes a great night’s sleep."

  • Available upon request, Princess dusts your linens with the soothing scent of lavender


"What we eat affects our sleep - it is as simple as that. Look for SLEEP-friendly evening meals and snacks on our room service menu."

  • Discover sensible evening food options noted on our room service menu
  • We offer calming teas such as chamomile and Dr. Breus' banana tea as seen on the Dr. Oz Show

*Complimentary for guests in Full Suites. Select items available for nominal fee for all other guests.