Magic hat in front of a red curtain. From the composer of “Wicked” Stephen Schwartz Magic to Do

Magic To Do – Exclusively on Princess

A magical musical from the composer of Wicked, Godspell & Pippin

A Magical Partnership

Princess Cruises presents a first-of-its-kind cruise industry partnership with the Oscar®, Grammy® and Tony® award-winning composer of Wicked, Godspell and PippinStephen Schwartz.

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Broadway legend, Stephen Schwartz

Exclusively on Princess

A Broadway legend, Schwartz has been casting spells over audiences for decades. And now, exclusively on Princess, Magic to Do takes guests into a whole new realm – a spectacular musical revue paired with mesmerizing on-stage illusions.

female performer singing a number during production show Magic to Do

A Cadre of Broadway Talent

Overseeing the creative development for four brand new shows, Schwartz brings together an illustrious team of Broadway talent to support the productions through direction and design.

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Men wearing trench coats holding umbrellas as part of Magic to Do

A Match Made with Magic

The Magic to Do crew includes: Jim Steinmeyer, a mastermind behind the artistry of magic for the past 25 years; Don Frantz, Associate Producer of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast on Broadway; and internationally acclaimed director Gabriel Barre, whose credits include the national tour of Pippin, among others.

Woman with outstretched arms wearing fairy wings with birds above her

An Enchanting Tale

Guided by a Magic Maker and his fantastical assistants, join us through a wondrous world of song, dance and history’s most memorable magic illusions.

Performers on a stage. Two people sitting at a table, 2 ladies standing off to the side of the stage, man in background. No smoking! and Exit signs on the wall

We Could All Use 'a Little Magic'

In this whimsical musical revue, Schwartz weaves a spell-binding story inspired by his lifelong fascination with magic, showcasing some of his most famous songs, including "Day by Day" and "Defying Gravity" along with a new number, "A Little Magic," composed exclusively for Princess.

Man and woman dancers. He is dipping her towards the stage.

A Broadway Experience at Sea

It’s a Broadway-caliber experience at sea. And where there’s Magic to Do, there can be miracles, when you believe.

Show Buzz

"(Magic to Do) elevates the line’s entertainment to a level it hasn't achieved in some time, appropriate given one of the featured numbers is 'Defying Gravity,' set to wonderful vocals and a double levitation illusion."
- Travel Pulse

"What a great Broadway show! Magic to Do exceeded all expectations - amazing! The visual interpretations of so many familiar songs coupled with! Princess has really delivered something unique at sea and has raised the bar for entertainment."
- Eric Maryanov
President, All-Travel  Chairman, Signature Travel Network

"Composer Stephen Schwartz Adds 'Magic' to Princess Cruise Ships"
- Variety

"Princess ups entertainment ante with a Broadway alliance"
- Los Angeles Times

"…head and shoulders above anything you’ve experienced on a cruise ship before."

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