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The Best Wi-Fi at Sea

Fast. Reliable. Unlimited. Affordable. Now on all ships.

A family enjoying a handheld device with internet at sea onboard Princess.

Wi-Fi Wherever You Are

Access the internet everywhere on board so you can text, post photos, video chat and stream your favorite shows, movies, music and sports with ease. Read on to learn just how revolutionary MedallionNet Wi-Fi is and how popular it is with our guests.

Mom and kids using a handheld device with fast and reliable internet communicating while onboard Princess.

Fast and Reliable Internet

MedallionNet Wi-Fi sets the industry standard for internet at sea. FaceTime your pooch in the morning. Stream your favorite shows by the pool in the afternoon. Post your Chocolate Journeys dessert from your dinner table. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you can now stay connected with Wi-Fi coverage as you sail.

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See how we did on our speed test

A man sitting poolside using a laptop computer with Wi-Fi at sea.

Unlimited and Affordable Internet

Choose from one-device or four-device packages at low daily rates. And save big when you purchase MedallionNet Wi-Fi pre-cruise. Platinum and Elite guests get an exclusive embarkation day discount.

a family sitting together in a staterrom using handheld devices

What Our Guests Are Saying About MedallionNet Wi-Fi

"I was so incredibly impressed with how well the internet worked and how fast it was too! It was so convenient to use and ended up being really cost effective too (as little as $9.99 a day!)." – Lauren V. from Vandifair

"With the rollout of MedallionNet, Princess Cruises is completely changing the game for internet at sea – with blazing fast speeds – and it is now much more affordable." – Courtney O. from Sweet C's

"Knowing we could access and successfully respond to any pressing work stuff was probably the greatest benefit of all…we wouldn’t be leaving colleagues in the lurch or incurring the wrath of overworked bosses." – from the Kerrie B. blog

"I barely noticed a difference from my home internet…and knowing that I was going to have the internet at sea is probably what made me feel so comfortable leaving [my daughter] for the first time when she was just 6 months old." – Rebecca H. from Sugar & Soul

All about MedallionNet Wi-Fi

Learn how MedallionNet Wi-Fi works and discover how speed and connectivity may be affected while sailing in different regions.

Watch video: How MedallionNet works

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