PlayOcean™ - Join the fun and games

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Get ready for exclusive games you can play on or off a Princess Cruise. Plus, look forward to interactive experiences available on board your ship!

  • Even before you sail, play with virtual currency with PlayOcean™ Everywhere™.
  • While on board, enjoy real money gaming anywhere using PlayOcean™ Casino™ available while your ship is in international waters.
  • Compete against other guests on your ship through interactive games.

PlayOcean Everywhere
Enjoy hours of fun before you even step aboard! The PlayOcean Everywhere app lets you play interactive games anytime, anywhere for free using virtual currency.

Download the PlayOcean Everywhere app from Apple's App store  Download PlayOcean Everywhere app from Google Play store

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PlayOcean Casino
Play wager-based games anywhere on board using PlayOcean Casino once your Medallion Class ship is in international waters. Download the PlayOcean Casino app for free.*

Download the PlayOcean Casino app from Apple's App store

*View download instructions for Android devices

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