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Introducing the Next Wave of Vacation Travel

Vacation like never before with Ocean Medallion™ — debuts on Regal Princess® Nov. 2017

Welcome To Ocean Medallion

Let us make your cruise vacation even better. You don’t need to introduce yourself to your Ocean Medallion Class ship; it knows you already. Your crew? They answer your requests before you even ask them. We’re giving you more than elevated personalized service; we’re creating personal moments.

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Be inspired to see and do more than ever. With Ocean Medallion, experience a truly personalized and seamless vacation. Available exclusively on Princess Cruises so you can dive into more of what you love.

Mans hand, with blue watch band holding woman's hand wearing pink watch band with blue Ocean Medallion with white seawitch logo

It All Begins With An Ocean Medallion™

The complimentary Ocean Medallion is your portal to amazing vacation possibilities. It’s the size of a quarter and can be worn in a variety of ways: as a wristband, pendant, clip or even in your pocket. Consider the Ocean Medallion your key to opening doors: to your stateroom, your ship and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Man and woman looking at ipad showing Ocean Compass<sup>tm</sup>

Ocean Compass™ Is Your Guide

It’s cruise planner meets concierge — a guide that you can access everywhere — on touchscreens throughout the ship, your stateroom TV and your own mobile devices. Ocean Compass helps you navigate your ship and your cruise, like streamlining the boarding process, personalized shore excursions invitations, ordering your favorite drink and more.



What can you expect from your Ocean Medallion Vacation? Endless possibilities for attention and adventure. A more personalized experience to give you more of the vacation you love. And the ability to truly relax knowing everything you need will be handled effortlessly and efficiently.

Mother and daughter boarding ship with father and son following behind

A Faster Start To Your Vacation With Ocean Ready™

Upload your documentation and set your preferences ahead of time so you can swiftly walk on board and communicate everything your ship needs to know about you.

Woman and man sitting in a theatre, being given wine by a male server

What You Want When You Want It

With Here & Now™, if you forgot sunscreen and your kids left their goggles at home, have them and a drink for you delivered to you poolside.

Enjoying Stargazing with Discovery at SEA™, but want a hot chocolate — it's easy to order with Here & Now.

And with There & Then™, order a glass of wine while dressing for the theater and it will be waiting for you when you arrive for the show.

Get a sneak peek & watch our Medallion Moments videos

Available for select items and locations.

Man and woman wearing sunglasses looking at mobile phone

Ocean Navigate Helps You Keep Tabs On Your Group

If you opt-in to location based services, you’ll never lose track of friends and family on your Ocean Medallion Class ship. Accessible through your Compass, Ocean Navigate is an optional feature that allows you to locate your party anywhere on board via their Ocean Medallions. So you can give your kids a little freedom and yourself peace of mind.

Woman wearing Ocean Medallion as watch signing for purchase on tablet, held by a female employee, in a ship boutique

Your Own Ocean Concierge

Once you set up your profile, your crew is fully briefed on all your preferences, and you don’t need to mention requests or choices again. Ocean Concierge sends you suggestions and invitations to events and activities onboard and ashore based on preferences you have indicated in your profile, whether relaxing or adventurous and our crew will do everything they can to make your time with us special.

Ocean Fish Tagalongs

Personalized Digital Companion

Customize your personal Ocean Tagalong™ by body shape, color, pattern and marks (like tattoos) to best reflect your “alter ego”. This responsive digital companion follows you from initial registration to the end of your cruise (as well as rejoin you on future cruises). You’ll find it online within your profile, during interactive PlayOcean games like Tagalong Sprint, as well as through Ocean Portals found onboard Medallion Class ships. Tagalongs even evolve throughout the cruise, reflecting your unique personality and interactions, and will collect “charms” that show off your achievements.


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