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Top 10 Cocktails

Worldly vodkas, Jamaican rums, regional tequilas and grained whiskeys in the hands of a creative mixologist are the inspirations for luscious libations. We’d like to introduce you to our Top 10 masterpieces. Each is handcrafted to expand your horizons in tempting new ways.

Vodka-Based Cocktails

Vodka – an icy, clear liquor typically made from the grain of potatoes – was first produced in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. It's the perfect choice for infusions and the base upon which dynamic cocktails are built around the world.

Ultimate Cooler cocktail

Ultimate Cooler

What flavor is your sunset? Swirling together passion fruit puree, watermelon and cranberry juices, and Grey Goose vodka. This tantalizing layered cocktail looks like the twilight sky in a glass.

Illusion cocktail


Conjure up a day on a Tahitian beach and say “oui” to this tantalizing combination of the French liqueur Cointreau, plus Skyy vodka, melon liqueur, sweet and sour, and tangy pineapple that will magically sweep you away.

Paradise Punch cocktail

Paradise Punch

The perfect poolside libation, one sip of this refreshing blend of Absolut vodka, Southern Comfort and Amaretto splashed with grenadine, tart limes and the silky sweetness of pineapple and orange juice will whisk you into paradise. Just add some new friends and the sun-drenched Caribbean coast.

Tequila-Based Cocktails

When your palate is ready to celebrate south of the border, a tequila-based cocktail will take you there! These uniquely spirited drinks will instantly transport you to a sailboat off Cabo or onto the pure white sands of Acapulco.

24K Gold Margarita

24K Gold Rita

Strike it rich with this masterful blend of tart and sweet. This citrusy margarita, containing expertly aged 1800 tequila, Cointreau and exotic orange Grand Marnier, is the perfect accompaniment to a night of salsa dancing or some late-night downtime under the stars.

Rum-Based Cocktails

The diverse hues of rum arise from the barrel aging of fermented sugarcane juices and/or molasses. This spirit is synonymous with Caribbean celebrations. Hoist one of our rum-based specialties and chart a course for adventure.

Dirty Banana cocktail

Dirty Banana

Utterly a-peel-ing, this tantalizing concoction blends banana, chocolate and coffee flavors with a dash of vanilla and a smattering of chocolate sprinkles, transporting you to a rum-soaked day on golden-sand beaches. So good, you’ll be swinging from the trees.

Classic Mojito

Classic Mojito

One sip of this cultural icon and you’ll be poolside in Havana with Hemmingway. Our genuine mojito pays homage to its 16th-century Cuban roots with a spirited mix of Bacardi rum, fresh mint, sugar syrup and lime juice. Carefully muddled, it’s topped off with refreshingly crisp club soda.

Captains Bounty cocktail

Captain's Bounty

Discover the treasure of the tropics and reward yourself with this heady concoction of Bacardi Limon rum, Bacardi Oakheart rum, Cruzan Dark rum and Malibu rum, boosted with the fragrance of crushed tropical fruits and the fizzy sweetness of Coca-Cola.

Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail

Strawberry Daiquiri

The flavor of summertime in a glass, a daiquiri is traditionally made with light rum, sweet strawberries and a tart lime sting. One sip of this indispensable essence of vacation brings a smile to your sun-kissed lips.

Mucho Mango cocktail

Mucho Mango

Legend tells that a magpie flew to the heavens to bring a mango seed to earth. The juice of this celestial fruit, artfully blended with Bacardi and Malibu rums, creates a drink that’s simply divine.

Whiskey-Based Cocktail

Beverage designed for keeping warm in cool weather

Whether you’re cuddling up with a good book in your room or warming up with friends on an evening of smiles and conversation, what better companion is there than a coffee with whiskey. Top it off with a dollop of cream or a sprinkle of nutmeg for a little extra luxury.

Nutty Irishman cocktail

Nutty Irishman

Gaze out over the glaciers as the last of the sun beams through the frosty air, while enjoying this robust and warming beverage that combines the woodsy notes of Irish whiskey with the sweetness of Frangelico hazelnut liqueur and rich, aromatic coffee.

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