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Tokyo, Japan

Contemporary Tokyo may be the most astonishing city on earth. It's a paradoxical mix of ancient tradition and postmodern culture. The Ginza, an international shopping mecca, stands near the serene grounds of the Imperial Palace, and the hyper-speed of 21st century consumerism is mysteriously reconciled with the elegance and serenity of traditional culture. Tokyo provides the traveler with a dizzying experience.

Points of Interest

  • Imperial Palace Park Plaza
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Sensoji Temple (Asakusa Kannon)
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Great Buddha of Kamakura (Diabutsu)
  • Hakone Ropeway-Owakudani-Lake Ashi
  • Mount Fuji

More about Tokyo, Japan Points of Interest

  • Imperial Palace Park Plaza -

    The residence of Japan's Imperial Family boasts a large park area surrounded by moats and massive stone walls in the center of Tokyo.

  • Meiji Shrine -

    Dedicated to the Emperor Meiji, the father of modern Japan, the Meiji Shrine stands in a dense forest glade at the very heart of Tokyo. Its setting symbolizes the separation of the spiritual from the worldly.

  • Sensoji Temple (Asakusa Kannon) -

    Sensoji was built to honor Kannon, the goddess of mercy in the early 7th century. Today, Sensoji Temple is Tokyo's oldest temple.

  • Tokyo Tower -

    Taller than the Eiffel Tower by approximately 30 feet, Tokyo Tower is in the record books as the Japan's second highest self-supporting iron structure at 1,092 feet.

  • Great Buddha of Kamakura (Diabutsu) -

    This monumental outdoor bronze statue of Amida Buddha is located at the Kôtoku-in Temple in Kamakura. According to temple records, it probably dates back to 1252 in the Kamakura period.

  • Hakone Ropeway-Owakudani-Lake Ashi -

    Japan's famed Hakone National Park, a ropeway journey that promises such spectacular views as the crystal-clear waters of Lake Ashi and the volcanic fumes of Owakudani.

  • Mount Fuji -

    Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan at 12,389 feet, and one of Japan's "Three Holy Mountains." Its exceptionally symmetrical cone is a well-known symbol of Japan.

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Kamakura: Image of the Great Buddha & Shrine

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