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Points of Interest

  • Island Drive
  • Tahara'a "One Tree Hill"
  • Point Venus
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Your half-day tour begins as you board your motorcoach for a scenic drive to the Monument of Captain William Bligh. The National Geographic Society erected the monument in the early 1960s to commemorate the naval feats of Captain Bligh.

In 1776, Captain James Cook appointed Bligh as Sailing Master of the HMS Resolution for his third voyage to the South Seas. He was only 21, and to achieve that senior rank on a major scientific expedition was a great tribute to his abilities. During the voyage he discovered the breadfruit plant. In 1789, he directed a voyage of 3,618 nautical miles in 47 days, one of the most remarkable feats in the history of navigation. They traveled in a small, overloaded open boat with no maps or compass to the Dutch port of Coupang, Timor. Sailing through the Fiji Islands, the first Europeans to do so, they were pursued by cannibals on two fast sailing canoes. Bligh managed to chart the islands and his findings were so accurate, they could still be used today. The breadfruit tree under which the Monument of Captain Bligh is erected is an offshoot of one of the original trees he introduced to the Caribbean Islands in 1793.

You'll continue along the scenic east coast of Tahiti, passing the famous Papenoo surfing beaches along the way. Keep your camera ready for photo opportunities at virtually every turn. Before long, we arrive at Faarumai Valley for a rare view of the interior of the island and a small local community that reside along this river bank.

You'll drive to Tahara'a "One Tree Hill" for a spectacular view of Matavai Bay. Captain James Cook sailed the "Endeavor" into Tahiti's Matavai Bay in 1769 and sighted a single tree with bright red-orange flowers growing on the promontory above the bay. Cook used the tree as a navigational landmark and named this reference point "One Tree Hill." Although the gnarled old tree has long since disappeared, the lookout provides impressive panoramic views of the island of Moorea, the Sea of Moons and the surrounding coral reefs and lagoons. The monumental 110-foot tall lighthouse built in 1867 is still operational up to this day.

You'll continue to Point Venus, Tahiti's northernmost extremity. Once the site from which Captain James Cook's astronomer tracked the transit of Venus across the sun, today its black-sand beach is recognized today as the most popular beach on the island.

For tours that offer more in-depth exploration with actual visits to one or more sites, see the other options in this port.

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Taharaa Lookout 'One Tree Hill'

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Visit to Point Venus

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Visit to Arahoho Blowhole

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Photo stop at Faarumai Valley

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