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Stornoway, Scotland

Inhabited for more than 6,000 years, the Isle of Lewis has a rich history and rugged beauty. Explore the islands varied scenery from fjord-like lochs and dramatic sea-cliffs to barren peat moors and romantic heather covered uplands; marvel at the mysterious Standing Stones at Callanish, the most remarkable piece of antiquity in the Western Isles; and shop for famous Harris Tweed, hand-woven and uniquely dyed using indigenous plants.

Points of Interest

  • Lews Castle
  • Callanish
  • Gearrannan
  • Harris Island
  • Great Bernera 
  • Pabbay Lagoon
  • St. Clement's Church 
  • Butt of Lewis Lighthouse

More about Stornoway, Scotland Points of Interest

  • Lews Castle -

    While this impressive structure may resemble a medieval stronghold with its corbelled-out crenellated battlements and tall round and square turrets, it was erected in the Victorian era when Sir James Matheson bought the island in 1844. 

  • Callanish -

    Site of the Callanish Standing Stones. This henge, in the shape of a Celtic cross, is the island's most dramatic prehistoric ruins and dates from 1500 BC. 

  • Gearrannan -

    This restored village of typical ''black houses'' dating' back to the 1800s, are built on the edge of the ocean. It's like a journey back in time. Built as a combined byre, barn and home, with an open peat fire in the tradition of ancient long-houses, the black house was where folk lived together with their animals until as recently as the 1970s. In the museum, listen to an introductory talk about the history of this tradition, the village and the island. 

  • Harris Island -

    Remote, wild and awe-inspiring, with picture-postcard scenery. The narrow road winds around lochs and between craggy mountains before reaching a series of stunning beaches. Harris Tweed, produced right here, is one of the most desirable woolen textiles.

  • Great Bernera  -

    Linked to the Isle of Lewis by a bridge, the picturesque island is home to an Iron Age village, standing stones, duns and a restored Norse mill.  

  • Pabbay Lagoon -

    Located on the Isle of Pabbay, whose pristine beaches and aquamarine waters are reminiscent of the Caribbean, the lagoon offers a quiet getaway for a little R and R. Keep an eye out for seals, and possibly dolphins and basking sharks. Many seabirds call the area home, including gannets, guillemots and razorbills.

  • St. Clement's Church  -

    Located in the charming village of Rodel, this fine 16th century church fell on hard times after the Reformation in 1560, but was extensively repaired in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is widely acknowledged to be the grandest medieval building anywhere in the Western Isles and houses the tomb of the church's founder, Alexander MacLeod.

  • Butt of Lewis Lighthouse -

    Built in 1862, the unpainted red-brown brick lighthouse with yellow stone trim around the door and windows stands 37 meters (121 feet) high and is the most northerly point on the Island. Once you step off the coach, you may notice a vigorous breeze-the area is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the windiest place in the UK.

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