Ocean Rafting Adventure

2.5 hours | Sitka | S I T - 7 0 0
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$ 159.95
Min. age: 10 years | Min. height: 63 inches | Max. weight: 350 lbs. | Medical restriction (See special notes)

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Includes snack, Strenuous activity


Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

Embark on a rigorous, two and a half hour guided ocean raft adventure to enjoy the rugged beauty of the Alaska coastline.

Begin your extreme adventure by meeting at the dock and gearing up for your amazing ocean excursion. Helpful and knowledgeable staff will equip you with state-of-the-art gear including an exposure suit, a balaclava, safety glasses and gloves. Then step aboard your AR1 Adventure raft (a custom-built 25 foot aluminum and polyurethane rigid hull inflatable) and take to the glistening waters of Sitka Sound.

Traveling at up to 50 mph, the ocean raft gets you out into nature quickly with an invigorating blast of fresh ocean air! Specially-designed straddle seats provide comfortable and secure seating for this exciting trip out into nature. This thrill ride takes you off-shore into ocean waters, where you will fly over ocean swells while watching seabirds glide gracefully overhead en route to explore the ravaged volcanic coastline of Kruzof Island named for a Russian admiral in 1805.

Have your cameras at the ready as you will have excellent opportunities to photograph the amazing array of wildlife that make their home in this stunningly beautiful and pristine environment. Keep a keen eye out for migrating whales, playful sea otters and sea lions and countless birds of prey, as well as brown bears and Sitka blacktail deer. Venture close to the towering cliffs of St. Lazaria Island, a National Wildlife Refuge, where sea birds nest. Travel into majestic and awe-inspiring volcanic sea caves carved out by pounding waves over thousands of years. At opportune times your captain will stop your raft and shut down the engine so you may listen to the rhythmic crashing of the surf against volcanic cliffs as well as the lulling song of nesting seabirds. You may even experience the sounds of spouting whales.

Welcome to a world filled with the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean on this intimate glimpse of Alaska's wild splendor that will excite your senses and leave you with lasting memories.

Special Notes:

Minimum age is 10, minimum height is 5'3" and maximum weight is 350 lbs. Not recommended for guest with neck or back problems. Guests must be able to fit in a XXX-Large floatation suit. Alternate routes may be taken in certain weather conditions.

Unaccompanied Minors Policy: Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Medical Restriction:

Not recommended for guest with neck or back problems.