3 hours | Shetland Islands (Lerwick) | L W K - 2 3 0
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Points of Interest

  • Shetland Ponies
Moderate activity

Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

For at least 4,000 years, the Shetland pony has roamed Shetland's exposed hills and moors. Standing up to 42" tall, the horse's coat changes according to the seasons: a short summer coat features a beautiful silky sheen, and in winter it grows a thick, double coat with guard hairs to shed the rain. Now's your chance to meet these hardy, loyal and good-natured miniature horses during this fun and leisurely tour. From the ship you'll travel to Scalloway Castle viewpoint for photos of the 16th century home of the Earl Patrick Stewart. Your drive continues through the tranquil landscapes of the Tingwall valley with its Norse heritage and a stop at Wormadale viewpoint, home to a spectacular vista of the islands. Then, onward to the Breckenlea Pony Stud Farm. Your host will give you a brief history about these beautiful creatures, and you can take a few pictures.

Special Notes:

Note: The tour may operate in reverse order.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Drive from Lerwick to Scalloway Viewpoint

Transport type: Motorcoach
Travel time: 00:20

Photostop at veiwpoint

Time at site: 00:10
Photo/video opportunity: Yes

Panoramic Drive to Breckenlea

Transport type: Motorcoach
Travel time: 00:55

Breckenlea for Pony stud and Sheepdogs

Time at site: 00:45
Photo/video opportunity: Yes

Scenic drive via wormadale back to Lerwick

Transport type: Motorcoach
Travel time: 00:50