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Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Considered the cultural capital of Eastern Iceland, Seydisfjordur lies at the head of a narrow fjord flanked by high mountains. This town of some 700 souls achieved municipal status in 1895, the first town in the East of Iceland to do so. The city is also the terminus for the ferry service linking Iceland to the Faeroe Islands and Denmark. Seydisfjordur is your gateway to the wild and isolated scenery of the Eastern Fjords. In myth, these narrow bays and towering mountains were once the home of trolls, elves and ogres.

Seydisfjordur boasts a wealth of well-preserved 19th century homes and buildings. In the summer the small town can take on a cosmopolitan air as visitors flock to town aboard the ferry.

Points of Interest

  • Borgarfjörður Eystri
  • Hafnarhólmi
  • War Years Museum
  • Maritime Museum
  • Hengifoss Waterfall
  • Seyðisfjörður
  • Vestdalur Valley
  • Skálanesbjarg

More about Seydisfjordur, Iceland Points of Interest

  • Borgarfjörður Eystri -

    This picturesque seaside village rests in a deep fjord with charming houses dotting its shores. Nearby rests the famous Álfaborg Hill, believed to be the home for the queen of the Icelandic elves

  • Hafnarhólmi -

    A must-visit for bird enthusiasts, this harbor town is home to seabirds such as kittiwakes, eider ducks, fulmars and puffins. A staircase to the top of the hill offers spectacular views.

  • War Years Museum -

    During WWII, the town of Reyðarfjörður was home to Iceland's second largest Allied base. The museum's exhibits include war relics and displays that illustrate Iceland's contribution to the war.

  • Maritime Museum -

    Located inside a 195-year-old house in the charming village of Eskifjörður, the museum's exhibits offer a realistic picture of how local fishermen made their living off the sea.

  • Hengifoss Waterfall -

    One of Iceland's tallest and most beautiful waterfalls, Hengifoss stands high on a cliff overlooking Lake Lagarfljót. The views of the water as it plunges a dramatic 393 feet to the gorge below are breathtaking.

  • Seyðisfjörður -

    Settled by Norwegian fishermen in the mid-19th century, Seyðisfjörður is one of the most enchanting villages in the East Fjords and home to the Technical Museum, cultural center and Iceland's oldest operational power plant.

  • Vestdalur Valley -

    The valley is a protected nature reserve due to its remarkable flora. The town was inhabited for roughly a century (1851-1963). Originally there was a whaling station and it was home to one of the largest cooperatives in the country.

  • Skálanesbjarg -

    Skálanesbjarg is a cliff within East Iceland, it has an evelation of 247 meters. During the summer, the fjord and the cliff offers magnificent bird life, puffins & sea life. Enjoy the sightseeing over the fjord and the naturelife in these circumstances.

9 Excursions

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Easy Borgarfjordur Eystri & Hafnarholmi

7 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-100 S E J - 1 0 0

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From $429.95

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Scenic Drive & Museums

7 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-105 S E J - 1 0 5

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From $514.95

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Skriduklaustur Museum & Valthjofsstadur

5 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-200 S E J - 2 0 0

Easy Activity

From $234.95

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Traditions of Iceland: Food & Culture

5 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-210 S E J - 2 1 0

Moderate Activity, Includes snack

From $364.95

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Skalanes Nature Reserve

3.25 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-215 S E J - 2 1 5

Strenuous Activity

From $299.95

Average Guest Rating

Chasing Waterfalls

2.5 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-375 S E J - 3 7 5

Moderate Activity

From $169.95

Average Guest Rating

A Walk through Seydisfjordur

1.25 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-380 S E J - 3 8 0

Moderate Activity

From $139.95

Average Guest Rating

Hike to Hengifoss

5 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-415 S E J - 4 1 5

Strenuous Activity

From $224.95

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Scenic Cruise in Seydisfjordur

2.25 hours | Seydisfjordur | SEJ-610 S E J - 6 1 0

Moderate Activity

From $369.95

Average Guest Rating