Nazca Lines Flight

Nazca Lines Flight

4 hours | Pisco (General San Martin) | P I O - 1 9 0
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$ 859.95
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Exceptional Value

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Min. age: 4 years | Max. weight: 240 lbs. (See special notes)


Points of Interest

  • Nasca Lines
Moderate activity

Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

If it's jaw-dropping wonder you're looking for, it's hard to imagine topping the iconic Nazca Lines. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as "one of the most impressive-looking archaeological areas in the world," the Nazca Lines history and mystery inspire awe and reverence. And the best way to observe this ancient phenomenon is by air. After a short drive to the Pisco Airport, you'll step inside the plane and buckle up. As you fly up, up and away, your captain will share his knowledge of the lines, first mentioned in a book by Spanish conquistador Pedro Cieza de León in the 16th century. Stretching out nearly 170-square-miles, the lines known as geoglyphs were created by the Nazca between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D. by removing rocks and earth revealing the light-colored sand. As you fly over, you'll see hummingbirds, fish, sharks, llamas, lizards, monkeys and more!

Special Notes:

Weight surcharge ($300) may apply on this flight. Due to weight and balance limitations, as well as passenger safety and comfort, guests weighing 240 lbs. or more (fully clothed) will be assessed the weight surcharge. Guests weighing 240 lbs. or more should reserve an extra surcharge ticket and, once onboard, go to the Tour Office to have the ticket charge adjusted down to the surcharge amount. Refer to the FAQ section for important information about flightseeing. Tour operates subject to meeting a minimum number of participants. The tour is non-refundable unless cancelled 5 days prior to the call to San Martin (Pisco).


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Transfer to Pisco Airport

Transport type: Motorcoach
Travel time: 00:45


Time at site: 00:05


Transport type: Aircraft
Travel time: 01:40

Comfort Stop

Time at site: 00:10

Return to Pier

Transport type: Motorcoach
Travel time: 00:45