Among the Icebergs by RIB

1 hours | Nanortalik | N A 2 - 5 0 5
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Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

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Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

A short but impactful iceberg RIB cruise introduces Greenland's stunning landscapes, unlike any other in the world. Dress warmly, bring mosquito repellent and nets, and prepare to be dazzled as you float past massive formations of ice, each as different in size, shape and color as a snowflake. You'll want to have your camera at the ready to capture the incredible vistas and these stunning natural monuments that have been the subject of art, sculpture and photography throughout history. The frigid waters teem with wildlife. Many species of whales swim amongst the towering giants, while walruses and seals stop to rest atop them, and a variety of birds circle the skies and make their nests on the floating surfaces. Return to port after this incredible day of seeing and hearing the creaking, cracking icebergs up close.

Special Notes:

Guests should bring mosquito nets, mosquito repellent, and good walking shoes and should dress according to the weather conditions. Toilet facilities will not be available. Guests need to wear the provided floating suits.

The level of guide experience varies due to the remoteness of the location. Limited tourism infrastructure is part of the charm here, and you are trading breadth of experience for authentic interaction.
Please bring your spirit of adventure and bear with any language difficulties your guide may encounter and with any operational surprises that may crop up.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

RIB ride

  • Transport type: Motorized Vessel
  • Travel time: 01:00