Mystery Island Drift Snorkel

1.5 hours | Mystery Island | M Y 2 - 7 7 0
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Beautiful Mystery Island, located at the southern end of the Vanuatu archipelago, is one of over 80 in the Vanuatu island chain. While there are no human inhabitants on the island, the waters boast a spectacular underwater population of colorful fish and marine life. With crystal-clear waters and sugar-sand beaches shaded by swaying palms, this tropical oasis of tranquility in the South Pacific is renowned for its dramatic yet easily accessible snorkeling sites.

The waters off Mystery Island are a Marine Protected Area, offering a wonderful opportunity to see the ecosystem of the undisturbed coral reef. Meet at the beach, where your friendly guides will distribute snorkeling gear and review safety instructions. Then board a small vessel and set off into the turquoise sea, admiring the storybook scenery of the island. As you begin cruising into the clear, open waters, phenomenal underwater vistas will come into view. You'll stop at an optimal spot and have 45 minutes here to explore. A professional snorkeling guide will be in the water with you at all times and will point out the dazzling coral formations and various marine life. Tropical fish and other sea creatures come out to say hello, and if you are lucky, friendly sea turtles will make a guest appearance.

On your return float back to the beach, take in the landscapes as your crew highlights points of interest and the unusual flora on the horizon. You'll also learn the history of the island, officially called Inyeug, which was used during World War II as an Allied forces landing strip. Mystery Island also has the auspicious claim to have been visited by royalty. Queen Elizabeth, in 1974, traveling to Australia aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, was so intrigued by its beauty that she made an impromptu stop for a picnic on the beach!

Refreshed and invigorated from your time spent in the water, return to the white-sand beach to relax and enjoy the rest of your day in paradise.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

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