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Mystery Island, Vanuatu

This tiny, uninhabited inlet, originally named Inyeug, is located at the southernmost end of the Vanuatu archipelago approximately half a mile from the mainland, Aneityum Island. Used during World War II as an airstrip for the allied forces, it was dubbed "Mystery Island" because its location prevented the Japanese from seeing it from the water, making the appearance of allied planes a "mystery." With its white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees and spectacularly clear waters, Mystery Island still holds the allure of a secret oasis. You are greeted upon arrival by live music wafting through the air and a colorful marketplace with rows of stalls selling everything from handicrafts to local treats to hair-braiding services. For the adventurous, aquatic activities, snorkeling, kayaking and stand-up paddleboards beckon, while a glass-bottom boat offers a more sedate and drier way to enjoy the Technicolor marvel of the surrounding coral reef. Round out your visit with a trip to a nearby cultural village to learn more about the traditions and customs of island life.

Points of Interest

  • Marketplace
  • Snorkel Experience
  • Glass-Bottom Boat
  • Glass-Bottom Kayak
  • Stand-Up Paddleboard
  • Cultural Village
  • Modern Village Tour

More about Mystery Island, Vanuatu Points of Interest

  • Marketplace -

    Stroll among the colorful stalls displaying locally produced handicrafts, woven hats, sarongs and other souvenirs, and chat with the friendly locals. A hair braiding service completes your island look.

  • Snorkel Experience -

    With visibility up to 50 feet, the crystalline waters surrounding Mystery Island's coral reef make for a memorable snorkeling experience. Tours provide gear and fish food to entice the marine life for up-close views.

  • Glass-Bottom Boat -

    Explore the underwater paradise hidden within the unspoiled waters off Mystery Island without getting wet. Glide over the complex ecosystem of the coral reef, revealing the colorful marine life below.

  • Glass-Bottom Kayak -

    Paddle through tranquil island waters with an experienced guide on a tour of the island's landmarks above sea level, and look through your vessel's transparent window for views of the spectacular coral reefs.

  • Stand-Up Paddleboard -

    The latest beach craze, a SUP is a fun and exciting way to see the sights. An ideal exercise that strengthens the "core" muscles, it's an exhilarating way to explore the bay between Mystery Island and the mainland.

  • Cultural Village -

    Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions and customs of this indigenous tribal people.

  • Modern Village Tour -

    Explore the daily lifestyle of the Aneityum people in this quintessential island experience when you are invited into local residents' homes to learn about village life, food cultivation, and cultural celebrations.

6 Excursions

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Modern Village Tour

2 hours | Mystery Island | MY2-200 M Y 2 - 2 0 0

Strenuous Activity

From $59.95

Average Guest Rating

Keamu Cultural Village Tour

2 hours | Mystery Island | MY2-205 M Y 2 - 2 0 5

Moderate Activity

From $59.95

Average Guest Rating

Fire Walking and Kastom Magic

1.5 hours | Mystery Island | MY2-210 M Y 2 - 2 1 0

Moderate Activity

From $59.95

Average Guest Rating

Stand Up Paddle Board

1.5 hours | Mystery Island | MY2-630 M Y 2 - 6 3 0

Strenuous Activity

From $89.95

Average Guest Rating

Mystery Island Drift Snorkel

1.5 hours | Mystery Island | MY2-770 M Y 2 - 7 7 0

Strenuous Activity

From $69.95

Average Guest Rating

Clear Kayak and Snorkel

1.5 hours | Mystery Island | MY2-775 M Y 2 - 7 7 5

Strenuous Activity

From $79.95

Average Guest Rating