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The town of Ísafjördur is the municipal centre of the West Fjords peninsula. The West Fjords are Iceland's least populated region, with 9,600 inhabitants in the area of 9,520 km. Isafjördur (population 3,500) formerly one of Iceland's main trading posts, was granted municipal status in 1886. Some of Iceland's oldest and best-preserved buildings, dating from the 18th century, are located in Ísafjördur. The town is still predominantly a fishing centre. A vigorous and varied cultural and artistic scene flourishes in the town as well. Mountains surround Ísafjördur on the three sides and the sea on the other. The ancient settlement site of Eyri downtown is enclosed by the narrow Skutulsfjördur fjord, which shelters the harbour in all weathers.

Points of Interest

  • Bolungarvik Church
  • Osvör Museum
  • Maritime Museum
  • Vigur Island
  • Glacier Fjord Cruise
  • Hesteyri
  • Skrúður
  • Flateyri Village

More about Isafjordur, Iceland Points of Interest

  • Bolungarvik Church -

    This enchanting oasis of tranquility is named Hólskirkja or "the church on the hill." Although built over a hundred years ago, a church has always stood on the same spot since 1200.

  • Osvör Museum -

    Located on the east side of the bay in Bolungarvik, the museum and the nearby restored fisherman's hut offer a picture into how local seamen made their livelihood over a century ago.

  • Maritime Museum -

    Located in one of Ísafjördur's oldest houses dating back to the 18th century, the museum exhibits include everything from fishhooks to a ship. Enjoy a taste of Icelandic delicatessie´s served by the museum's curator.

  • Vigur Island -

    Just over a mile long and 450 yards wide, the island boasts Iceland's only windmill, Europe's smallest post office and 80,000 puffins. Enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages at one of the island's few homes.

  • Glacier Fjord Cruise -

    This excursion takes you through the crystal clear waters and narrow bays of the Glacier Fjords to the isolated village of Hesteyri for a guided tour.

  • Hesteyri -

    Part of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, your guided walk through the dramatic landscape includes a visit to the Hesteyri village, abandoned over 50 years ago, and a brisk hike to "the Doctor's House" for refreshments.

  • Skrúður -

    Visitors are often surprised to see flowers thriving so close to the Arctic at the Skrudur Botanical Garden, the oldest in Iceland.

  • Flateyri Village -

    Located on a beautiful fjord and surrounded by magnificent mountains, the small fishing village of Flateyri dates back to 1790 and became a major whaling center during the 19th century.

9 Excursions

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Best Of West Fjords - Dynjandi Waterfall & Villages

5 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-115 I F J - 1 1 5

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From $399.95

Average Guest Rating

Bolungarvik Church, Osvör Museum & Maritime Museum

3 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-200 I F J - 2 0 0

Moderate Activity

From $179.95

Average Guest Rating

Arctic Fox Center & Icelandic Folk Music Performance

3 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-215 I F J - 2 1 5

Moderate Activity

From $179.95

Average Guest Rating

Skrudur & Flateyri Village

3 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-220 I F J - 2 2 0

Moderate Activity

From $169.95

Average Guest Rating

Cruise to Vigur Island

3 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-240 I F J - 2 4 0

Moderate Activity

From $289.95

Average Guest Rating

Hesteyri & Glacier Fjord Cruise

4.5 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-245 I F J - 2 4 5

Strenuous Activity

From $254.95

Average Guest Rating

Local Connections: Fish of the Westfjords

3 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-320 I F J - 3 2 0

Moderate Activity

From $139.95

Average Guest Rating

A Walk through Isafjordur

2 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-385 I F J - 3 8 5

Moderate Activity

From $94.95

Average Guest Rating

Calm Fjord Kayaking

2 hours | Isafjordur | IFJ-580 I F J - 5 8 0

Strenuous Activity

From $194.95

Average Guest Rating