Waikiki on Your Own

5 hours | Honolulu | H N L - 1 4 0
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Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

What you will visit:

Waikiki (On Your Own)
Nestled on the south shore of Honolulu, say aloha to Waikiki. Favored by Hawaii's royals and nobles in the 1800s, the Waikiki neighborhood is world-famous for its beach, which prompted the establishment of the first hotels in the area. The rich history of Waikiki infuses your day with the charm of its intriguing backstories. It was here that Hawaiian royalty, such as King Kamehameha and Queen Liliuokalani, and American "royalty," like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Shirley Temple, came to vacation. Today the area is known for its world-class resorts, historical sites, expansive Kapiolani Park, Waikiki Aquarium, and Honolulu Zoo. Waikiki is home to some of Hawaii's finest dining and spectacular beaches, where the pearly white sand beckons you to its "surf's up" shores.

What you will see along the way:
From the pier in Honolulu, it's a quick 25-minute ride to the heart of Waikiki, attracting visitors to its pearly white beaches and turquoise waters where Duke Kahanamoku, the father of modern surfing, first surfed on the Waikiki break. Dramatic architecture and palm trees line the streets, all set against the silhouette of Mount Leahi (Diamond Head), a dormant volcano measuring 3,520 feet across and towering 760 feet in height.

Photo Opportunity:
Strolling along the sand? Pause to take a selfie with the Duke Kahanamoku Statue, found on Waikiki Beach, a symbol of Waikiki's surf heritage.

Lunch (on your own):
When hunger strikes, choose from a colorful array of dining at all price points. Be sure to check out some of the local hot spots serving up Hawaiian regional cuisine for a true taste of the spirit of aloha. And don't miss an iconic and refreshing shave ice, the quintessential treat to enjoy while strolling under the warm Hawaiian sun.

Special Notes:

Depending on traffic and the transfer time, the free time in Honolulu is approximately 4 hours.