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This quaint town perched on the North Sea boasts dual personalities. While renowned as the site where Viking king Harald Hårfagre united Norway as a kingdom in the 9th century, it's also one of the country's most popular destinations for the annual Sildajazz Festival and Norwegian Film Festival. Add in a thriving town center with hundreds of shops and cultural diversions to jaw-dropping scenery and thrilling excursions, your stay in Haugesund promises to be an enthralling experience you won't soon forget.

Points of Interest

  • Avaldsnes
  • St. Olav's Church
  • Røvær Island
  • Ryvarden Lighthouse
  • Pulpit Rock
  • Karmøy Island
  • Skudeneshavn
  • Haugesund Town Hall

More about Haugesund, Norway Points of Interest

  • Avaldsnes -

    Located on Karmøy Island, this tiny hamlet was once the ancient center of Viking power Renowned as Norway's oldest royal seat this tiny hamlet on Karmøy Island was once the ancient center of Viking power. Today, it's home to Viking Village, a recreated farmstead, and the Nordvegen History Center.

  • St. Olav's Church -

    Built by Viking King Håkon in 1250 this medieval landmark is the site of Virgin Mary's Needle, a 25-foot-high stone pillar that many believe has the ability to predict the end of the world.

  • Røvær Island -

    An idyllic car-free island with only 100 inhabitants, Røvær has its own school, kindergarten, shop, and café. Occupied by German forces during WW II Røvær's storybook buildings embody the spirit of a Norwegian fishing village.

  • Ryvarden Lighthouse -

    A scenic walk along the North Sea Trail leads to one of Norway's most charming lighthouses. Since 1849 it's been guiding ships around the wind-swept coast. Today, it's home to an art gallery and café.

  • Pulpit Rock -

    Rising 1,982 feet above the crystal blue Lysefjorden, the rock's 269-square -oot plateau is a famous tourist attraction and popular spot for views of Kjerag Boulder, a giant rock wedged in between two rock walls.

  • Karmøy Island -

    Ancient grave mounds, tall memorial stones, and rich archaeological sites dot the island. In addition to its rich Viking history, Karmøy's copper mines supplied the metal used in New York City's Statue of Liberty.

  • Skudeneshavn -

    A charming village that appears to be untouched by time, Skudeneshavn's timbered houses date back to the 1800s including the well-preserved Merchant's House, which offers a look into 19th century life.

  • Haugesund Town Hall -

    Built in 1931, the building is not only acclaimed as one of Norway's finest neo-classical structures, it's also the world's only pink city hall and its beauty is protected by the National Preservation Agency.

4 Excursions

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Medieval Church and Viking Village

3.5 hours | Haugesund | HAU-205 H A U - 2 0 5

Shopping Opportunities, Moderate Activity

From $194.95

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Scenic Skudeneshavn

3.5 hours | Haugesund | HAU-210 H A U - 2 1 0

Moderate Activity

From $189.95

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Ryvarden Lighthouse Walk

3 hours | Haugesund | HAU-380 H A U - 3 8 0

Moderate Activity, Includes snack

From $154.95

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Helicopter to Pulpit Rock

1.5 hours | Haugesund | HAU-805 H A U - 8 0 5

Moderate Activity

From $789.95

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