74 Days to Victory

4 hours | Falkland Islands (Stanley) | P S Y - 2 1 5
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  • Battlefield Sites
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Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

Falkland Island Battlefields
In conditions reminiscent of World War I, British soldiers fought to end the Argentine occupation of the islands. Your main destination is Fitzroy on the inlet of Port Pleasant. Today, a quiet sheep farm, during the war, it was the site where the British landing ships Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram were bombed by Argentine Skyhawk aircraft while transferring troops, ammunition and equipment. During the tour, the battlefields of Sapper Hill, Mt. William, Mt. Tumbledown, Mt. Harriet, Mt. Longdon, Wireless Ridge and the Two Sisters battlefields will be viewed and discussed, and you'll see memorials for the Welsh Guards and Royal Fleet Auxiliary. If time allows, you'll see the location of the Royal Marines' barracks.

The Falkland's untouched landscape of earth, sea and sky is made poignant by the many battles that were fought here in 1982.

Depending on your route, you'll see man-made bunkers, fox holes, discarded clothing, unused munitions, and memorials dedicated to those who lost their lives during the 74-day war.

Special Notes:

Involves walking over uneven terrain; wear sensible footwear. It is essential that you wear warm, layered clothing in order to fully enjoy and participate in this excursion. Outer layer should be waterproof and windproof. Bring gloves, a warm hat and a scarf