Gold Dredge 8

3 hours | Fairbanks | 2 A K - F A I - 3 0 0
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Points of Interest

  • Trans-Alaska Pipeline
  • Gold Dredge # 8
Wheelchair Accessible, Easy activity


Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

Before you board our train, enjoy a close up view of the TransAlaska pipeline and a presentation about the history and operation of the pipeline. Then you and your family hop aboard the hand-built replica of the narrow-gauge Tanana Valley Railroad that delivered supplies to the gold mining camps scattered throughout the area in the early 1900s. As the train chugs out of the station, the conductor will play songs from days gone by and tell tales of prospectors who arrived by the thousands during the gold rush.

The train ride takes you to Gold Dredge 8, a National Historical Monument, where you will see first hand how the dredge worked the gold fields. Once the train arrives at the camp, local miners will give a brief but informative course in mining, and then you will try panning for yourself! You will find gold- we guarantee it! Nothing beats the thrill of grabbing a sack filled with pay dirt and getting your chance to strike it rich.

Finally, explore the dredge camp and visit the gift shop where you can have your gold weighed and find out the dollar value based on the current market price. Have your gold turned into a memorable keepsake while you enjoy complimentary coffee and fresh homemade cookies before boarding the train for the return back to the station.

Special Notes:

Guests need to make sure they do not reserve Land Excursions on the day of cruise tour arrival or departure that will conflict with their air schedules. Please allow at least two hours between the time your land excursion begins or ends and your flight.