Blow Hole Express

3 hours | Ensenada | E S E - 1 3 0
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  • La Bufadora
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This blowhole is the largest marine geyser in North America and the second largest in the world. Legend has it that a young gray whale that was separated from its pod blew a stream of water through its blowhole to signal its missing friends and eventually turned into the rock from which this natural wonder can be observed. The geyser is formed by waves crashing into an underwater cave, where the combined air and water pressure rocket the water through the open top. This remarkable display makes a thunderous roar and can shoot plumes of water over 100 feet high.
What you will see along the way:
The ride to La Bufadora is pretty and scenic. You will drive through Ensenada City to a series of clifftops that will give you the best vistas over the Pacific Ocean.
Take a little time to peruse the small shops and arts and crafts stores that line the streets of this colorful village and hunt for pottery, silver jewelry, woven blankets and other local treasures.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Ride from pier to La Bufadora

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Sightseeing and shopping at La Bufadora

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