Whale & Dolphin Watching Scenic Cruise

3.5 hours | Dominica | D O M - 6 4 0
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Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

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Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

What you will visit:
Catamaran Whale Watching Cruise
This Animal Planet recommended tour comfortably transports guests onboard a shaded, 65-foot catamaran with a partially covered deck. Travel along the west coast into the deep waters surrounding Dominica, which are a natural breeding ground for marine life. Whales and dolphins are usually spotted on the surface or located with the use of an underwater hydrophone that listens for the rhythmic click of sperm whales, pinging of pilot whales, whistling of dolphins or singing of humpbacks. Although wildlife sightings are not guaranteed, the most commonly seen animals are sperm, pilot and false killer whales and spotted, spinner and bottlenose dolphins. Knowledgeable guides provide a running commentary throughout the cruise, and the captain will maneuver the vessel for optimal viewing and photography.

What you will see along the way:
See why Erich Hoity, consultant to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, calls Dominica "the most reliable spot for whale watchers to see sperm whales." While you are cruising the waters looking for marine life, you will also take in the sparkling shoreline and waterfront landmarks of Dominica.

Sip a complimentary juice or rum punch served as you cruise back to port.

Special Notes:

Whales and dolphins are wild marine mammals. While every effort is made to locate them, actual sightings are not guaranteed. Once participants join their tour, they will be required to complete a liability waiver.

Child Price:

12 & under reduced


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Depart from ship, walk to vessel for a scenic whale and dolphin watching cruise

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Motorized Vessel
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