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Conflict Islands, Papua New Guinea

The word conflict may conjure up images of struggle and discontent, but this group of 21 islands encircling an enormous lagoon on the rim of a sunken volcano is an undiscovered Shangri-La. Named after their discovery in 1886 by HMS naval survey ship The Conflict, the islands were purchased by Australian businessman Ian Gowrie-Smith in 2003 whose goal is to preserve and protect this pristine ecosystem. Sheltered by an untouched reef system, the island is abundant with marine life and perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Whether you prefer activities fast and furious or slow and steady, you're sure to find paradise. What more could you wish for in an island destination?

Points of Interest

  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Panasesa Island
  • Conflict Lagoon
  • Duau Point
  • Scenic Cruise
  • Private Beaches
  • Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative - Sea Turtle Nursery

More about Conflict Islands, Papua New Guinea Points of Interest

  • Outdoor Adventure -

    There's an endless supply of family friendly experiences and activities in the Conflict Islands so get ready to swim, snorkel, paddle a kayak, or witness the wonders of the sea aboard a glass bottom boat.

  • Panasesa Island -

    Stretching out a mere 158 acres, this exclusive resort that includes a club house, spacious dining and lounge facilities, boasts clean white coral sand with fringing coral reef, turquoise waters and a jungle-like interior.

  • Conflict Lagoon -

    A 984-foot-deep off shore wall sits at the center of the atoll and measures about 13 miles in length and six miles wide creating a spectacular iridescent blue lagoon.

  • Duau Point -

  • Scenic Cruise -

    Whether by boat, canoe or kayak, a cruise over the bluer-than-blue waters offers a breathtaking look at paradise and the marine life that calls it home: colorful fish and corals, reef sharks, and turtles.

  • Private Beaches -

    Escape the crowds and find refuge on one of the sun-drenched beaches that make up the Conflict Islands. Kick those shoes off, work on your tan, and find a peaceful place under a swaying palm tree.

  • Conflict Islands Conservation Initiative - Sea Turtle Nursery -

    The renowned CICI relocates sea turtle eggs of endangered species from islands with a high level of poaching with the hope that more sea turtles will be able to hatch safely and survive until adulthood.

7 Excursions

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Conflict Island on Foot

1.5 hours | Conflict Islands | CF2-400 C F 2 - 4 0 0

Moderate Activity

From AUD$59.95

Average Guest Rating

Glass Bottom Boat

1 hours | Conflict Islands | CF2-500 C F 2 - 5 0 0

Easy Activity

From AUD$79.95

Average Guest Rating

Conflict Island Cruise

2 hours | Conflict Islands | CF2-520 C F 2 - 5 2 0

Easy Activity

From AUD$154.95

Average Guest Rating

Private Beach Picnic

3.5 hours | Conflict Islands | CF2-590 C F 2 - 5 9 0

Moderate Activity

From AUD$309.95

Average Guest Rating


0.45 hours | Conflict Islands | CF2-605 C F 2 - 6 0 5

Moderate Activity

From AUD$79.95

Average Guest Rating

Reef Snorkel Adventure

1.25 hours | Conflict Islands | CF2-775 C F 2 - 7 7 5

Strenuous Activity, Includes snack

From AUD$89.95

Average Guest Rating

Private Beach Bungalow

6 hours | Conflict Islands | CF2-900 C F 2 - 9 0 0

Easy Activity

From AUD$1999.95

Average Guest Rating