Local Connections: Fun with Falcons with Master Falconer Peter McMurchy

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According to ancient Chinese records falcons were used to hunt prey and given as royal gifts as far back as 2205 B.C. And through the centuries falcons were the sole proprietorship of mighty rulers. Kublai Khan, Alexander the Great, and countless kings enjoyed the sport of falconry (during the reign of England's Edward VIII, the theft of a trained falcon was punishable by death). The status surrounding falconry died out in the 19th century but just one hundred years later its popularity rose in North America among sportsmen.

UNESCO considers falconry of such historical importance that it was added to the organization's esteemed list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Now you can witness this much-admired sport for yourself with a visit to a true falconry. Join Peter McMurchy, a seasoned falconer, on his private property as he trains his birds of prey. Watch them in full flight, soaring, diving, catching the air currents and swirling high in the sky over your head.

Your 4-hour excursion begins as you board your transportation at the pier. Sit back and relax as you set out across the gently rolling landscape to the falconry, located in the middle of the island.

Once you arrive at the private falconry, you'll be greeted by Peter, an expert falconer who trains birds of prey for use in pest control and educational awareness. You will be awe-struck by his passion and respect for these magnificent creatures and learn more than you ever imagined.

Saker, gyrfalcon and peregrine falcons are also known as raptors. During your visit you'll learn that although they look different they share many common traits: they don't dive to capture their food, they can swoop in at speeds of up to 200-miles-per-hour; they don't build their own nests.

They're also big. Have your camera handy as you see these noble creatures. With a wingspan of four to four-and-a-half-feet, the gyrfalcon is the world's largest true falcon with plumage colors that range from a dappled white to almost pure black. The saker can stretch his wings up to 50" while the peregrine is the smallest of the group with a wingspan of three-and-a-half-feet.

During your visit you'll also see red tailed hawks, the most common raptor in North America, and Harris hawks, one of the few birds that hunt in groups.

Did you know that a raptor can only be trained if it's hungry? By controlling the bird's appetite, the falconer is associated as the primary food source. Watch as Peter uses food to lure the bird back. After observing the crew you'll have an opportunity to put on the handler's glove and have one of the hawks fly in and land on your hand. They may look big but they actually weigh around two pounds. Take a memorable photo to show the folks back home before rejoining your transportation for the return trip back to Charlottetown.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

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