The Famous Arch & Whale Watching by Speed Boat

2.25 hours | Cabo San Lucas | S J D - 6 5 0
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Min. age: 5 years | Max. weight: 265 lbs. | Medical restriction (See special notes)
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Points of Interest

  • Whale Watching
  • Outdoor Adventure
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Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

What you will visit:

Whale Watching Photo Safari
Cabo San Lucas is a preferred destination in Mexico for the sighting of whales and wild dolphins. The high success rate for sightings is due to the fact that the sheltered bays along the coastline offer perfect conditions for the whales to breed and calve. Inflatable speedboats offer a comfortable and easily maneuverable ride. Spouting is usually the first thing you will spot. It is the great plume of water and spray caused by the whale's exhaling of air. If you are truly lucky, you may see a whale breaching, which is when they leap almost completely out of the water. A guide enhances the experience by providing commentary and answering questions and will assist in capturing the very best photographs.

What you will see along the way:
Cabo San Lucas sits at the southern tip of Baja California where the Sea of Cortés and the Pacific Ocean meet at El Arco, the Land's End rock formation. Take in sun drenched views of the sparkling coastline, luxurious resorts and beautiful natural scenery as you cruise the cobalt waters in search of marine life.

Photo Opportunities:
Everyone on board the vessel keeps a keen eye out. Whales will stay on the surface of the water for approximately 15 minutes before diving below. When they are spotted, the agile nature of the vessel allows the captain to get the best possible view, and you can photograph the whales without disturbing them. A tip for photographing whales is to make sure the camera is close to your eye at all time, as the two to three seconds it takes to position the camera might make all the difference.

Special Notes:

Minimum age to participate is 5 years old, maximum weight allowed is 265 lbs. Pregnant women, guests with back or neck injuries may not participate. Guests must be fully mobile

Medical Restriction:

Pregnant women, guests with back or neck injuries may not participate. Guests must be fully mobile


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Whale Photo Safari

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