Swim with Dolphins

1.25 hours | Cabo San Lucas | S J D - 7 1 0
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Min. age: 5 years (See special notes)
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  • Dolphin Encounter
Strenuous activity


Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

Begin your day with a short walk from the pier to the beautiful Cabo Dolphin Center. Designed by the award-winning Mexican architect Enrique Norten, the Cabo Dolphin Center is an impressive architectural sight that has been designed with a minimalist theme to properly showcase the star attraction, a wonderful family of Pacific bottlenose dolphins. In addition to the dolphin habitat, you will also find a snack bar and gift shop. A team of experienced photographers and videographers are available to capture your day, since the use of personal cameras is restricted for the safety and welfare of the animals.

Your dolphin swim begins with a brief presentation on dolphin characteristics and behaviors. A knowledgeable marine trainer will teach you how to use hand signals and positive reinforcement to communicate with the dolphins. In water session is 40 minutes

Dolphins are one of nature's smartest, most intuitive animals. Pacific bottlenose dolphins are sleek, active animals who love to swim, dive and perform playful tricks. You can even hear them laughing when they are having fun in the ocean. Dolphins are quite genial and there are even stories of them helping sailors who have been swept overboard or surfers who are injured in the water. There is nothing to fear; the experience of being in the water with these creatures is truly magical.

You'll soon discover the joy of hugging, and interacting with your fine "flippered" friends. You'll be amazed at their intelligence and skill.

The highpoint of your day is the thrilling one-on-one swim. Hold on tight! It's an exhilarating and memorable experience that you'll never forget! The choice of a dorsal fin ride, belly ride or the amazing underwater dolphin ride awaits!

At the completion of your swim, give a final farewell to your loveable new friends and leave the Cabo Dolphin Center with wonderful memories of your amazing experience.

Special Notes:

This tour has a 40 minute duration in water with a dolphin, including the ride. Personal cameras are not allowed in the dolphin pool area or observation areas. Lifejackets are provided and required. Guests must know how to swim. Minimum age is 5 years old to participate. Every child under 10 must be accompanied by a paying adult (over 18-years-old) in the water. (Ratio one adult to one child). Please do not wear sunscreen or jewelry. Passengers may wish to wear a T-shirt as sunscreen will contaminate the water and is not permitted. To protect the dolphin's skin, no jewelry of any kind can be worn. This excursion is not available to pregnant women. Wear a swimsuit, bring a towel and extra cash. Once participants join their tour, they will be required to complete a liability waiver. The photo service at the venue is not affiliated with or provided by the cruise line. Any photos purchased from this service will be the passengers' responsibility.

Medical Restriction:

No pregnant guests may participate in this program.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Depart ship for dolphin swim at Cabo Dolphins Center

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Preparation and Introduction for your 40 minute in the water with the Dolphin.

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