Bonaire Cultural Heritage

3 hours | Bonaire | B O N - 2 1 0
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Points of Interest

  • Rincon
  • Goto Lake
  • Mangazina de Rei Cultural Park
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What you will visit:

The Beach of 1,000 Steps (drive by)
The Beach of 1,000 Steps delights with its limestone stairs that descend to the coastline. There are really only 67 steps down to this peaceful, white-sand beach studded with coral and surrounded by rugged cliffs. Turtles can occasionally be seen swimming in the crystal waters.

Rincon Village (drive through)
Nestled in a deep valley, Rincon was once home to the Arawak Indians, then was taken by the Spanish in the 14th century as a haven from pirate invasion. Here, the slaves that were brought to Bonaire to work the fields and in the salt flats lived with their families. Delve into this cultural attraction where time has stood still with its stone and wood buildings, small farms and east coast vegetation as well as the restored old plantation house, now a museum.

Mangazina di Rei Cultural Park and Music Workshop
Mangazina di Rei (Storehouse of the King) was used in the 19th century by the Dutch government to store crops and provisions for the slaves who toiled in the fields and the salt flats. On weekends, rations were distributed. Today, it stands as the second oldest stone building in Bonaire and serves as a cultural park and museum, where Bonairians strive to keep their culture and traditional customs alive. Enjoy a music performance with locally handcrafted instruments prior to touring the museum.

What you will see along the way:
Bonaire offers uniquely diverse sights on a driving tour, with the northern part of the island being hilly, arid and filled with cacti and low shrubs and the southern part flat with tropical, lush mangroves along the salt ponds. Drive by the famous 1000 steps beach which is famous for its snorkeling and diving, the Goto Lake and spot the pink flamingos. Travel through Kralendijk, where a pink color, probably inspired by the island's large flamingo population, is quite popular for homes, while a Dutch-influenced yellow hue can be seen on most of the local monuments and government buildings.

Photo Opportunity:

Goto Lake
A natural saltwater lake and a feeding ground for the island's shy pink flamingos is possibly the most beautiful, serene spot on the island! Bonaire proudly boasts five RAMSAR sites dedicated to the preservation of wetlands and waterfowl, and Goto Lake is one of these sites.

Seru Largu
Also known as "Large Hill," Seru Largu offers panoramic views of the island's western shoreline and the island of Klein Bonaire just off the coast. Iguanas and wild goats are often seen roaming the hillside, which boasts a yellow and white cross monument.

Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Sightseeing to Mangazina di rei through tourist road and goto lake

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Excursion at Mangazina di rei

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Short sightseeing to Seru Largu lookout point

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Photo Stop At Seru Largu Lookout point

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Sightseeing drive back to ship

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