Mt. Fløien Funicular & Hike

4 hours | Bergen | B G O - 4 1 0
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Points of Interest

  • Mt. Floien & Funicular
Strenuous activity


Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

Come lace up your hiking boots for this very active half-day hiking excursion featuring one of Bergen's Seven Mountains, Mt. Fløyen. Ride the Fløibanen and debark at around 1,000 feet for panoramic views of woodland, water and cityscapes. Start your hike on one of the many gravel roads, through slightly hilly woodland and down to an idyllic small lake called Skomakerdiket, before proceeding uphill to join the main path of Blåmansveien. Take in views of the town, the fjord with its multitude of islands, and further out to the North Sea. Weather permitting, head up the Rundemansvegroad leaving the trees behind to reach the highest point of Rundemanen at some 1,800 feet. Take a well-deserved break to admire the view and breathe the invigorating air, and then retrace your steps to return down the mountain.

Special Notes:

The hiking route on top of Mount Fløien may vary, and is decided by the guide after considering participants' physical activity level. Views from the top of the funicular are subject to weather conditions on the day of the call and cannot be guaranteed. Expect lines and delays at the funicular.

Dress appropriately; hiking boots or solid footwear must be worn. It is also advisable to bring a windproof jacket, as it can be chilly even on a fine day.

All participants should have a high level of physical fitness.

Child Price:

12 years and under


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Depart from ship for a ride on the Mt. Fløien Funicular

  • Transport type: Walking
  • Transport Capacity: 25
  • Travel time: 00:15
  • Time at site: 00:10
  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes
  • Restroom available: Yes

Guided hike to Rundemanen passing Skomakerdiket Lake

  • Transport type: Walking
  • Time at site: 03:00
  • Inside visit: No
  • Wheelchair accessible: No
  • Shopping available: Yes
  • Photo/video opportunity: Yes

Ride back down the Mt. Fløien Funicular and walk back to your ship or transfer with shutttle buses

  • Transport type: Other
  • Transport Capacity: 25
  • Travel time: 00:10
  • Time at site: 00:15
  • Restroom available: Yes