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Bergen, Norway

Bergen has played a crucial role in Norwegian history and culture since Olav the Good founded the city in 1070. Perched between the sea and seven hills, Bergen has witnessed Vikings setting sail on voyages of exploration, trade and war. In the Middle Ages, its old port was a major trading hub for the Hanseatic League, the band of Germanic merchants whose trading empire encircled the Baltic and North Seas. In the 19th century, Bergen was home to such cultural luminaries as the virtuoso violinist Ole Bull and the composer Edvard Grieg.

The city retains much of its 18th- and 19th-century charm. Visitors to Bergen will encounter a city that offers a heady blend of natural beauty, history and culture.

Points of Interest

  • Bryggen
  • Fish Market
  • Schøtstuene Museum
  • Hardangerfjord
  • Mt. Floien & Funicular
  • Old Bergen Museum
  • Troldhaugen
  • Fantoft Stave Church

More about Bergen, Norway Points of Interest

  • Bryggen -

    Norway's second largest city boasts a magnificent setting surrounded by mountains and a sparkling fjord. Its old city and the World Heritage Site of Bryggen on the waterfront offer enticing adventures.

  • Fish Market -

    The Waterfront Fish Market at Torget is a feast for the senses with its wide variety of seafood stalls selling tasty treats.

  • Schøtstuene Museum -

    The hall is a recreation of a medieval assembly room from the days of the Hanseatic League. Here, League merchants from around the Baltic would meet, conduct business, and dine. Your visit includes a fascinating look at the hall's kitchens.

  • Hardangerfjord -

    The third largest fjord in the world and the second largest in Norway, Hardangerfjord, can be experienced from Bergen on scenic day tours that spotlight magnificent scenery.

  • Mt. Floien & Funicular -

    The most visited of Bergen's Seven Mountains Mt. Floien is easily experienced via a funicular that leads to mountaintop trails and offers panoramic views.

  • Old Bergen Museum -

    Old Bergen is a reconstructed town with around 50 wooden houses from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Countless rooms and objects bring the city's history over the generations to life.

  • Troldhaugen -

    The Swiss-style home and lush gardens of Troldhaugen are joined by a museum and Concert Hall, all of which keep the memory of Norway's favorite son alive, the famous composer, Edvard Grieg.

  • Fantoft Stave Church -

    The Fantoft Stave Church burned down in 1992, but it has since been painstakingly reconstructed to reflect a style of construction that is unique to Norway.

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The Best Of Hardangerfjord

7.5 hours | Bergen | BGO-120 B G O - 1 2 0

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From $304.95

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Fjords and Waterfall

5.5 hours | Bergen | BGO-125 B G O - 1 2 5

Moderate Activity

From $114.95

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Bergen-Hop-On, Hop-Off

8 hours | Bergen | BGO-185 B G O - 1 8 5

Easy Activity

From $44.95

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Highlights of Bergen

3.5 hours | Bergen | BGO-200 B G O - 2 0 0

Shopping Opportunities, Strenuous Activity

From $104.95

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Easy Mt. Fløien Funicular & City Drive

3 hours | Bergen | BGO-210 B G O - 2 1 0

Shopping Opportunities, Moderate Activity

From $124.95

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Easy Bryggen & Scenic Cruise

3.5 hours | Bergen | BGO-240 B G O - 2 4 0

Moderate Activity

From $124.95

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A Walk Through Bergen and Ice Bar

3 hours | Bergen | BGO-380 B G O - 3 8 0

Moderate Activity

From $79.95

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Mt. Fløien Funicular & Hike

4 hours | Bergen | BGO-410 B G O - 4 1 0

Strenuous Activity

From $94.95

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