Bushmills Whiskey on the Giant's Causeway Rocks

5.5 hours | Belfast | B F S - 3 1 5
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Min. age: 18 years (See special notes)
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Points of Interest

  • Giant's Causeway
Moderate activity


Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

What you will visit:
Giant's Causeway
Renowned for its polygonal columns of layered basalt, the causeway is considered the Eighth Wonder of the World and is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland. According to myth, the giant Finn McCool used the basalt columns to form the causeway into stepping stones so he could travel from Ireland to Scotland to visit his lover, a Scottish giantess. Scientists, however, believe the mainly hexagonal columns resulted from cooling lava flows. Visit the Giant's Causeway Visitor Center before embarking on your guided walk.

Whiskey on the Rocks Experience
As your knowledgeable National Trust guide introduces the history, myth and legend of the Giant's Causeway, peppered into the conversation is discussion of Northern Ireland's national drink, crafted in the country for centuries. Discover the origins and methods of Bushmills, made in the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world. Gaze out to the Island of Islay, and learn the history of its distillery and the Scottish spelling of 'whisky.' And see the wishing well, where legend tells that an old woman enticed visitors with a 'wee drop.'
What you will see along the way:

As you walk the Giant's Causeway at an easy tempo, you'll step back in time through genuine history and romantic legend. This unique rock formation has stood as a natural rampart against the unbridled ferocity of Atlantic storms for millions of years, and the rugged symmetry of the columns never fails to intrigue and inspire. Take in the smell of the sea, listen to the chirping of the abundant birdlife and marvel at the spectacular scenery that surrounds you.

Your guide will talk you through the tastes and smells to pick up on while you sit on the rocks as the 12-Year-Old Bushmills Distillery Reserve is poured.

Everyone will receive a miniature bottle to take home.

Special Notes:

This tour is nonrefundable within 72 hours of the port of call. Minimum age to participate on this tour is 18 years. Order of sites visited may vary. Admission to the distillery is not included.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

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Arrive at the Giants Causeway visitor centre and meet your guide to begin your 'whiskey on the rocks' experience

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Reboard your motorcoach and return to the ship

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