Scenic Waterfront by Boat

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Min. age: 5 years | Min. height: 24 inches | Min. weight: 30 lbs. (See special notes)
Moderate activity


Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.


Scenic Waterfront Boat Tour
Take off on an historical waterfront tour aboard the renovated Astoria Pilot transfer vessel, known as the Arrow No. 2. Built in 1960, the 53-foot, 75-ton retired tugboat completed an estimated 250,000 pilot transfers aiding river pilots navigating their ships across the treacherous Columbia Bar and upriver. Ample windows inside the heated cabin and outside deck area offer plenty of views

Colorful fishing boats, a century-old brewery, and massive cargo ships are just a few of the sights you'll see. But the Columbia River is also home to marine life such as whales, sea lions and river otters so have your camera handy so you can show the folks back home.

Learn about the working history of the Astoria waterfront as the captain steers the boat past historic landmarks along the Astoria waterfront and north to Tongue Point whose recorded history dates back to 1805 when the Lewis and Clark expedition set up camp on the west side; today, it's the site of the former naval base where seaplanes performed coastal patrols during World World II.

Special Notes:

Minimum age is 5 years. Minimum height is 2 feet; minimum weight is 30 lbs. Participants should have the mobility and balance to handle the rocking motion on the dock and onboard the vessel..