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Astoria Column
Perched top Coxcomb Hill, the 125-foot-tall concrete and steel structure is part of a 30-acre park. Dedicated by the Great Northern Railway in 1926, Astoria's iconic attraction illustrates the region's history spanning from the discovery of the Columbia River to the arrival of the railroad. Decorated with a sgraffito-style painted histogram, the lower bands begin with Captain Gray's arrival to the Columbia River in May 1792, and his first contact with the Chinook and Clatsop tribes. As it winds up to the top of the column, the histogram continues with the Lewis and Clark Expedition's landing in the area, the arrival of the first European settlers, and ends with the arrival of the railroad to Astoria in 1893.

Climb the 164 steps of the Astoria Column to the observation deck and be rewarded by awe-inspiring views of Astoria and the Columbia River. A number of photo stops will be made during the tour so have your camera at the ready.

The Astoria Column Gift Shop offers a wide selection of items including clothing, books, ornaments, collector coins, and more.

Sit back and relax as your guided tour travels though historic downtown, home to restaurants, museums, breweries and lovely Victorian homes, and on past the Columbia River Maritime Museum and USCG docks.