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It's easy to assume that Aarhus stands in Copenhagen's shadow - Aarhus after all is the second largest city in Denmark but despite this fact, it only has close to 260.000 inhabitants, compared to the 600.000 of Copenhagen. Århus university is both the country's second oldest and second largest. Being recognized as the student´s city in Denmark it gives it a youthful vibe. Yet Aarhus boasts a traditional and relaxed feeling at the same time, as the city has kept in many of its areas the unique Danish buildings, combined with some of the most modern and fine new Danish designs. Early Archeological findings date Århus´s founding in 770. Famous internationally for its extensive cultural scene; you can find some of the best Museums in Denmark. It is also rich in parks and green areas. Located on Jutland's east coast, Aarhus is surrounded by dense forests, and provides easy access to Denmark's scenic Lake District west of the city and it also holds the queen's summer residence beautifully set at the rim of the forest overlooking the sea.

Originally constructed in the 12th century, Aarhus's Domkirke is one of the greatest cathedrals in Scandinavia. Its immense copper spire stands over 300 feet high, making it - ironically - the second tallest bell tower in Northern Europe.

Points of Interest

  • Den Gamle By Museum
  • Aarhus Cathedral
  • Raasted Church
  • Ebeltoft
  • Fyrkat Viking Fortress
  • The Church of Our Lady
  • Lake District

More about Aarhus, Denmark Points of Interest

  • Den Gamle By Museum -

    This open-air museum from 1914 features 75 original historic structures collected from around Denmark. Most of the buildings range in age from the 15th - 18th centuries. Brought to the museum brick by brick and erected again in their original form.

  • Aarhus Cathedral -

    The Cathedral´s construction started in the year 1190 and remained unfinished until the 16th century. Aarhus Domkirke is Denmark's longest and tallest cathedral.

  • Raasted Church -

    This village church dates back to the 12th century and is especially known for its late Romanesque frescoes depicting the life of Jesus.

  • Ebeltoft -

    Founded circa 1200, this market town on the southern Djursland Peninsula is one of Denmark's top vacation spots. The village features charming old cobblestone lanes lined with hollyhock, well-preserved, half-timbered buildings and popular beaches. The harbor holds the large battleship-The Frigate Jutland.

  • Fyrkat Viking Fortress -

    Fyrkat is one of five ring fortresses - perfectly circular earthen fortresses with four gates and two roads meeting at the center - built by Viking King Harald Bluetooth. Now revived and commemorated in Bluetooth technology. The earthen walls and roads are still visible but there are no remains of the houses constructions; stones mark the original situation of the walls.

  • The Church of Our Lady -

    Originally an abbey, the Church of Our Lady dates back to the Middle Ages. Today there are three churches within the construction plus the old abbey court yard.

  • Lake District -

    Located in the Jutland Peninsula, this pristine area is a wonderland of tranquil lakes (74, to be exact), serene woodlands, the majestic Sky Mountain, and the charming town of Silkeborg, home of Tollund Man.

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Highlights of Aarhus

3 hours | Aarhus | AAR-200 A A R - 2 0 0

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Aspectos Destacados De Aarhus (Guiado En Español)

3 hours | Aarhus | AAR-202 A A R - 2 0 2

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Highlights of Aarhus Guided in French

3 hours | Aarhus | AAR-204 A A R - 2 0 4

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Best of Arhus: Canal Walk, Aros Art Museum & Den Gamle By

4 hours | Aarhus | AAR-215 A A R - 2 1 5

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Ebeltoft & Scenic Drive

4.5 hours | Aarhus | AAR-220 A A R - 2 2 0

Moderate Activity

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Moesgaard Museum, City Drive & Time On Your Own

3 hours | Aarhus | AAR-225 A A R - 2 2 5

Moderate Activity

From $89.95

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Easy Aarhus & the Natural History Museum

4 hours | Aarhus | AAR-230 A A R - 2 3 0

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Royal Jelling: The Birthplace of Denmark

4.5 hours | Aarhus | AAR-250 A A R - 2 5 0

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The Fast and the Foodie

4 hours | Aarhus | AAR-300 A A R - 3 0 0

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From $404.95

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A Walk through Historic Aarhus

4 hours | Aarhus | AAR-380 A A R - 3 8 0

Strenuous Activity

From $139.95

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A Day in Legoland for Families

6 hours | Aarhus | AAR-610 A A R - 6 1 0

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