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Princess Pay Monthly – Flexible Cruise Payment Options

Budget your Princess cruise the easy way with our pay monthly plan

With Princess Pay Monthly, you can simply spread the cost of your cruise over equal monthly payments – without any extra fees! Giving you even more flexibility for your next Princess cruise. For more information, take a look at our FAQs below:

Enroll now by contacting our Contact Centre 0344 338 8663

What cruises are eligible for Princess Pay Monthly?
The majority of our voyages will be eligible for this offer; however voyages inside final payment will not be eligible.

What is the advantage of Princess Pay Monthly?
Flexibility to spread the payment over time. Set it and forget it with no need to worry about any payments.

Can I opt- out of Princess Pay Monthly?
Yes, Princess Pay Monthly is optional.

How often will my debit/credit card be charged?
Your debit/credit card will be charged once a month beginning approximately 20 days after your deposit was paid, until final payment.

Can I use multiple cards with Princess Pay Monthly?
No, one debit/credit card will need to be used for the deposit and that card will be used for all of the Princess Monthly payments.

Are there any interest fees?
There are no interest charges or additional fees from Princess.

What happens if I cancel the cruise?
Standard policy applies if you cancel the cruise.

Can I choose different amounts for each payment?
No, you cannot choose different amounts for each payment. The remaining balance due will be divided equally among the months up to and including the final payment.

Can any guest on my booking set this up?

Can I set this up at any time prior to the balance due date?

Are Travel Agents able to set this up?

How do I change the payment date?
By calling the Contact Centre.

Can this be set up via my Cruise Personaliser?
Currently, this can only be set up via our Contact Centre.

Can different people in my party pay each month?
Princess Pay Monthly will automatically charge the same debit/credit card used for the deposit for each payment.

Will I get payment reminders each month?
There will not be any payment reminders. However, a confirmation will be sent once each payment is made.

If I upgrade or make changes to my cabin after booking, will the payments change?
If changing the cabin (upgrading/downgrading) causes the rate to increase or decrease then the remaining payments will automatically adjust.

Can I change the debit/credit card on file?
They can change the debit/credit card on file at any time. When the card is changed, the auto charge process will use the new card to charge subsequent monthly payments.

Can I make additional payments?
Yes, additional payments can be made and the system will recalculate the remaining balance and divide by the number of payments that need to be made.

What if I miss a payment?
If you miss a payment you will receive an email notification and the monthly payments will be recalculated based on the number of months remaining.

What happens if a monthly payment is declined?
In the event of a monthly payment failure, the system shall send a payment denial letter to your email address. The failed payment amount shall be adjusted to the remaining monthly payments. If all payments are not paid in full by the final payment due date, then the system will follow the current cancellation procedure.

Can I get a refund if I wish to cancel the Pay Monthly Plan, prior to balance due date?
The standard process is to retain the current balance and take that off the full balance at due date.

Is/how is this shown on the booking confirmation?
You will receive a booking confirmation once the deposit has been taken and the payment plan set up.

What if my card is lost/expires?
Once a pay monthly plan is selected you will only be able to select a card that does not expire prior to balance due. If a card is lost, you must contact us to register a new card to the plan and this can be processed via the Contact Centre.

Terms and Conditions for Princess Cruises Pay Monthly

These Terms and Conditions apply to the Princess Cruises Pay Monthly Payment Plan (“Pay Monthly”). By agreeing to use Pay Monthly, the guest agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are supplemental to the Princess Cruises Booking Conditions (“Booking Conditions”) which can be accessed on In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the Booking Conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

To be eligible for Pay Monthly, the guest must register a valid debit or credit card with his/her Princess Cruises booking. The guest or Princess Cruises may cancel Pay Monthly at any time prior to the normal balance due date of 90 days prior to departure, in which case all monies paid will be retained by Princess Cruises and applied to the booking. If the booking is cancelled by the guest, all monies minus the deposit will be returned. If the booking is cancelled after the balance due date, by which point Pay Monthly as applicable to that booking should already have completed, cancellation charges will be payable as set out in the Booking Conditions.

The guest must make the usual initial deposit payment against their booking. Equal monthly payments will be calculated and these will be charged to the debit or credit card registered to the lead booking guest until the balance due date, 90 days prior to departure. If the full remaining balance is not evenly divisible then the guest’s final payment amount may vary slightly.

The monthly payments will automatically be recalculated if adjustments are made to the booking (e.g. adding or removing packages or transfers). No interest or finance charges apply to Pay Monthly.

The guest hereby authorises Princess Cruises to charge each payment to the debit or credit card associated with the guest’s booking. If the card on file is declined future monthly payments will be recalculated to include the declined payment. The guest agrees to provide Princess Cruises with a valid debit or credit card, and Princess Cruises reserves the right to cancel Pay Monthly and retain monies paid until they are applied to the booking at the balance due date, if a suitable replacement card is not provided.

Guests may choose to make additional payments towards the full remaining balance, or prepay all of the remaining balance at any time without penalty by calling us on 0344 338 8660 during opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8am to 10pm; Saturday: 9am to 5pm; Sunday: 10am to 4pm.

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