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Travel Guidelines for Unvaccinated Guests

Updated July 18, 2022

Cruise Health

We’re ready to welcome you aboard to explore the world with your favorite people while our crew takes good care of you.

While much has changed over the past two years, Princess remains one of the world’s top cruise lines, with world-class service made even better by our game-changing Medallion® device that enables everything from locating loved ones anywhere on board to having whatever you need delivered wherever you are.

As health guidelines continue to evolve, we’re able to accommodate more unvaccinated guests on most sailings without burdensome exemptions or vaccine status justification, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Things to Keep in Mind

cruise guests checking in at the port

Vaccine Exemptions

Based on CDC guidelines, we are now able to accept up to 10% of our guests as unvaccinated on most of our cruises. Please make sure you visit our FAQ for the region you’re sailing to confirm the exact allotment of unvaccinated guests allowed.

As an unvaccinated guest, please note you’ll need to contact us to obtain a vaccination exemption approval in order to confirm your booking.

A negative test result shown on a handheld device

COVID-19 Testing Requirements

You’ll need to provide a negative test result at embarkation and take a test at the terminal on the day of sailing and at the end of your voyage depending on the region.

Additional information is available on our Testing Requirements page.

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The Same Vacation Guests Love

The onboard experience is largely unchanged with our top-rated food, beverage, entertainment, activities, spa and casino available for all to enjoy, with additional cleaning and sanitizing of public spaces and staterooms throughout the voyage.

guests on a European excursion

Shore Visits & Excursions

We’re ready to welcome you ashore, as well. With a few exceptions based on region, unvaccinated guests have full access to explore the places we sail – from centuries-old European cities to Caribbean islands – all of which can be enjoyed on a Princess-organized excursion or on your own.

Visit our FAQ for detailed guidelines on the region you are sailing.