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CruiseHealth™ FAQ: Sailings from Japan

Updated March 17, 2023

Current Health Protocols for Cruises visiting Japan

  • Vaccinations
    • Guests 12 years and older must have received their final dose of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before the beginning of the cruise and provide acceptable proof at terminal check-in.
    • A booster dose is required for guests 18 years and older, when eligible.
  • Testing
    • At terminal check-in guests 5 years and older must attest to a negative viral COVID-19 test (PCR or rapid antigen) taken within 48 hours before embarkation.

We continue to work with our global health experts and will responsibly adjust our guidelines going forward as warranted.

Please review the FAQ below, look up requirements for your voyage with our CruiseHealth tool, and refer to Princess communications (including Cruise Personalizer) and official government sites regarding your voyage. Note government regulations are separate from cruise protocols and in some cases may vary.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Princess Cruises continues to operate cruises that meet health authority requirements for sailing with at least 95% of guests aged 12 and over to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

For cruises to Japan, all guests 18 years of age or older must have received their final dose of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before the beginning of the cruise and must also have received at least one booster prior to embarkation (a total of three vaccination doses, or two doses for guests who are vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). Guests under 18 years of age are not required to be fully vaccinated if they are traveling with their fully vaccinated parents or guardians.

Fully vaccinated guests must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination (with the dates of doses received) at the terminal prior to boarding. Failure to provide this evidence will result in denial of boarding. Vaccination certificates must be written in or translated into English or Japanese to be valid.

Guests with medical contraindications to the vaccine are permitted to travel, subject to pre-approval by Princess Cruises. Vaccination requirements do not apply to children aged 11 years and under.

Before visiting Japan you must create an account on the Visit Japan website^. Each entry into Japan needs to be registered to this account by clicking on "+ New registration" (under "Register Planned Entry/Return"). We strongly encourage you to complete both air and cruise entry info together before you start your travel.

First Entry (Air):
When flying into Japan fill out all three sections: Quarantine, Immigration Clearance, Customs Declaration. Screenshot or print screen the "for quarantine use only" section once complete to show when deboarding your plan. The info you input may generate QR code(s) that you’ll want to keep and show upon request.

You'll be asked to enter your flight information. Guests flying into Tokyo Narita Airport will select prefecture "Chiba" and city "Narita Shi". Guests flying into Haneda will select prefecture "Tokyo To" and city "Ota Ku". For address you may put: "Yokohama port".

Second Entry (Cruise):
When registering your second entry (for cruise travel), the registered entry date is the first Japan port after visiting a South Korea or Taiwan port. You only need to complete the Quarantine section. Screenshot or print screen the "for quarantine use only" section, which you’ll be required to show.

You can leave all non-required fields blank (including: Flight number, Postal code, Hotel name). For cruise entry the immigration and customs sections will be handled manually and forms provided on board.

A process map can be found here^ to better assist you.

Guests should always ensure they understand all requirements to travel from their home country to the destinations they plan to visit. Requirements are updated frequently, and official websites and apps developed by government agencies and tourism ministries are recommended sources for protocols.

^You are now leaving and going to a third-party website that is not owned, operated or controlled by Princess or any of its affiliates.

We accept vaccines that are approved or authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Currently approved or authorized vaccines:

COVID-19 Vaccination Manufacturer

Also known as:


Pfizer: 2 doses

Comirnaty / BioNTech


Moderna: 2 doses



Johnson & Johnson: 1 dose



AstraZeneca: 2 doses

Covishield / Vaxzevria


Sinopharm: 2 doses

Vero Cell


Sinovac: 2 doses



Covaxin: 2 doses


Novavax: 2 doses


For updated authorized vaccine information, refer to:

^You are now leaving and going to a third-party website that is not owned, operated or controlled by Princess or any of its affiliates.

It is our guests’ responsibility to comply with the Princess vaccination policy.

Before cruise departure, guests eligible for vaccination will be required to attest through the MedallionClass app that they will be fully vaccinated at the time of embarkation. This means completing all required doses of a COVID-19 vaccine series at least 14 days before embarkation. Guests should be ready to show original proof of vaccination at cruise check-in.

Original proof of vaccination should clearly show the guest’s name on the vaccination card or certificate, which matches their photo ID, the dates vaccine doses were given (the final dose of the primary series must have been received at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise), any booster dose, and the name of the authorized vaccine. Alternative proof may be required if there are questions and concerns about the submitted proof of vaccination. Vaccination certificates must be written in or translated into English or Japanese to be valid.

Failure to provide this evidence will result in denial of boarding. Information provided will be subject to our privacy notice on and shared only as needed with Princess personnel, third parties or local health authorities as part of embarkation-related health protocols.

For information on how we collect, use, disclose and destroy personal information (including sensitive information), please see Princess Cruise Lines’ Privacy Policy. We confirm all personal information is dealt with in accordance with relevant privacy laws including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Guests sailing are required to be fully vaccinated. Documentation of recovery from COVID-19 or blood antibody tests are not accepted in place of a primary vaccination series.

In a two-dose series, we accept mixed vaccine types only if at least two doses of an authorized vaccine were administered at least 28 days apart, with the last dose given at least 14 days before sailing. See question "Which COVID-19 vaccines will be accepted on board?" for a list of currently approved or authorized vaccines.  In addition, a booster dose will be required for guests aged 18 and over when eligible.

We manage an exemption process for a small number of guests with medical contraindications to the vaccine subject to the regulations of the ports we visit. Exemptions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To apply for an exemption for guests aged 12 or older, please contact Princess Cruises via the contact details below. Guests must provide a medical certificate that indicates they are unable to be vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine because of a medical condition.

To request an exemption, please call us:

COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Based on current requirements for cruising in Japan, guests aged 5 and older will require a negative viral COVID-19 test result taken before boarding:

  • At check-in, Guests ages 5 and above must produce proof of a negative PCR test or a photo with a time and date stamp of a negative self-administered COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) taken within 48 hours before cruise embarkation. All testing and vaccination information must be uploaded to the MedallionClass app prior to sailing when getting OceanReady.

Guests who travel internationally should ensure they understand all entry and airline requirements to travel from their home country and the destinations they plan to visit, including where health authorities may require pre-travel COVID-19 testing. Protocols are subject to change and should be checked frequently.

Japanese Government entry requirements require 3 vaccine doses (i.e. two-dose series, plus booster) or will need to be tested within 72 hours of inbound airline departures or entry into Japan by cruise. Guests should use Visit Japan website^ to register online and satisfy entry requirements before boarding flights to Japan. They will receive a QR code to show via mobile device upon arrival.

^You are now leaving and going to a third-party website that is not owned, operated or controlled by Princess or any of its affiliates.

We have implemented this mandatory testing policy out based on the Japanese government requirements. As always, our primary commitment is to the health, safety and well-being of our guests, crew and the communities we visit.

Guests must take a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) viral test that's either an antigen test or a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT).

  • Antigen tests include:
    • Rapid antigen
    • Viral antigen
    • Antigen chromatographic digital immunoassay
    • Antigen chemiluminescence immunoassay
    • Antigen lateral flow fluorescence
  • Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT) include:
    • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
    • Reverse transcription real-time PCR (RT-PCR)
    • Quantitative PCR (qPCR)
    • Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP)
    • Transcription-mediated amplification (TMA)
    • Molecular test or molecular diagnostic
    • Isothermal amplification
    • Droplet digital PCR or digital droplet PCR (ddPCR)
    • Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)

Contact your nearest health center, pharmacy (including Chemist Warehouse and Priceline), state health department or the airport from where you are departing to learn more about their availability for COVID-19 testing.

No. All guests must have completed their COVID-19 test prior to arriving at the terminal.

We require all guests to complete the OceanReady steps via the MedallionClass App to simplify the pre-travel process of completing COVID-19 requirements and documentation. You will need to attest you have received a negative COVID-19 test result and upload a photo to prove your negative result, provide proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status and to complete the health declaration. Once complete and all details & documents have been verified, you will receive 'Green Lane Ready’ status on the app, which you will need to present at the cruise terminal.

Please ensure you have digital or physical copies of your negative COVID-19 test result and proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status to present at the cruise terminal.

For guests who have completed a pre-departure self-test:

  1. The guest must take one (1) photo which shows the guest’s negative test result next to the guest’s government issued photo ID; and date and time taken.
  2. The guest must carry photo of the negative test result (or have access to it on their mobile phone) and show it upon request at the terminal.

For guests who had a pre-departure PCR test:
The guest must have access to the text message received from the relevant laboratory or health authority which confirms the pre-departure PCR result; and show that text message upon request at the terminal.

For guests who fail to carry evidence of their pre-departure COVID-19 test result or whose test does not comply with pre-departure testing requirements:

Any guest:

  1. who fails to carry evidence of their pre-departure test result as set out above; or
  2. whose test does not comply with pre-departure testing requirements (for example: they had a PCR or Antigen test more than 48 hours before departure),

Will be required to undertake a self-administered test prior to entering the terminal.  If the test returns a positive result, the guest will be denied boarding.

Guests who test positive for COVID-19 will not be permitted to board, together with their family members and close contacts, and should not travel to the ship. In this scenario, you & your travelling party who are denied boarding are entitled to a 100% Future Cruise Credit (FCC).

Guests who travel to the ship but show symptoms of COVID-19, and then test positive in secondary screening in the cruise terminal will be denied boarding, together with their family members and close contacts and will also receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit. Please see our COVID-19 Cancellation Policy.

Before You Sail

We welcome guests who use oxygen concentrators and those who are undergoing peritoneal dialysis. Unfortunately we are unable to host guests who are dependent on supplemental oxygen tanks or are undergoing hemodialysis at this time. Our medical experts have determined that, for the guest’s own safety, this is the right decision. We remain optimistic that our approach on future sailings will become more flexible.

Please know that we've had to make some difficult decisions based on general public health guidelines and the overall health and safety of our guests. We did not take any of them lightly.

Yes, our crew will be vaccinated and will receive a booster dose in accordance with U.S. CDC guidelines.

Guests are required to bring all necessary travel documents such as passports (with a minimum of six-months validity after your date of return), visas, proof of citizenship, re-entry permits, or minor's permissions.

Requirements may vary based on guest's nationality, as specified in Travel Document Requirements.

We always strongly recommend our guests take out appropriate international travel insurance at the time their pay their deposit. Given the current global travel and health environment, it is even more important that our guests purchase travel insurance to protect them against any unforeseen circumstances.

Yes, you should complete your health questionnaire no later than 24 hours before you embark the ship, using the MedallionClass app. You’ll be asked to confirm your answers when arriving at the terminal.

If you have any symptoms of illness, you will be separated from other embarking guests to undergo a secondary screening. Depending on the outcome of the screening, you and your travel party may be denied boarding.

During a screening, our medical staff will need to verify your health questionnaire answers, or any corrections, and then consider whether to permit you to board.

If you refuse to be tested or screened, or to follow COVID-19 protocols, you will be denied boarding and no refund or credit will be issued.

The results of any COVID-19 tests, and information provided on the health declaration will be subject to the Princess Cruises Privacy Notice and shared only as needed with Princess personnel, third parties or local health authorities as part of screening and embarkation-related health protocols.


We’re requiring all guests to complete online check-in and select an arrival time using the MedallionClass app no later than midnight before their sailing date.

There will be a Princess representative on-site at the terminal to support any guests who are denied boarding. However, if you are denied boarding for failure to produce proof of being fully vaccinated at time of embarkation (which means the final dose must have been received at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise), any costs incurred will be at your own expense.

Guests who are denied boarding at the embarkation port for lack of vaccination proof within the Medallion Class App may be able to join the ship at another port on the itinerary, subject to the agreement of the port. Guests must meet the same proof of full vaccination as required of them on embarkation day. Any costs incurred will be at the guest’s own expense.

If you fail to take all necessary steps to cruise in line with government guidelines, including proof of vaccination status or a valid medical exemption, you will be denied boarding, and any cost incurred, including cancellation fees and travel back home, will be at your own expense.

Onboard Experience

Guests aged 5 years and older are required to wear face masks during embarkation, disembarkation, and while in public areas indoors on board and on transportation during company-organized shore excursions as well as on water shuttles.

While COVID is now a part of our normal living in most countries around the world and a variety of travel entry restrictions have been relaxed in Japan, the country still operates at an elevated COVID response level that involves a number of health protocols and requirements. This scenario is similar to the guidelines enacted in other regions around the world where we have safely resumed cruising over the past two years.

The onboard experience will remain essentially the same with an array of dining, entertainment and activity options, all with enhanced cleaning and sanitizing protocols on board. Restaurants, bars, casinos, shops, children’s facilities, etc., will be completely operational along with a wide range of day and nighttime entertainment choices. Room service will be available as well through the OceanNow system with breakfast can be pre-ordered by completing the in-stateroom card. The fitness center will be open and we will offer Lotus Spa and Izumi Japanese Bath services, however, please note that reservations may be required and capacity may be limited.

Health & Safety

Anyone who doesn’t comply with the onboard public health measures may be disembarked at the first available opportunity. Other consequences could include being denied service, required stateroom isolation and being banned from sailing in the future.

If you are non-compliant, no refund of the cruise fare for unused cruise days or travel expenses (if flying home) will be covered.

If your travel party is impacted and/or they are required or voluntarily choose to leave with you, the same policies will apply to them: no refund of cruise fare for unused cruise days or coverage of travel expenses home.

You can request non-urgent appointments by phone or through CrewCall Chat using the MedallionClass app. We use an electronic appointment system to schedule arrival times for non-urgent outpatient consultations. This avoids congregation of patients in the Medical Center and allows the medical staff to pre-determine the best location for the consultation, including your stateroom.

Whenever possible, anyone suspected of COVID-19 will be assessed and treated in their staterooms with all medical first responders wearing full PPE. Medical staff will arrange safe transfer of any unwell individuals to the ship’s Medical Center if additional treatment is required that cannot be provided in the stateroom. Onboard COVID-19-related medical center assessment and suspected case testing will be free of charge.

Yes, anyone reporting or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be assessed by the shipboard medical staff and tested for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). COVID-19 cases will be assessed and treated either in their stateroom or in a designated area of the Medical Center in a single occupancy ward. Guests who test positive will be required notify the medical team and to isolate in their stateroom for up to 7 days.

Positive cases that do not require admission to the ship’s medical center, or medical disembarkation, will most likely be moved to a different stateroom for the duration of isolation.

If guests’ cruise ends before their isolation is complete, they may select one of the following two options to complete their mandatory isolation:

  • OPTION 1: Continue your isolation aboard the ship and disembark at the port that aligns with the end of your isolation period, on day 8. Princess will assist you in coordinating your forward travel back to Tokyo.
  • OPTION 2: Disembark and complete their isolation ashore in a designated isolation hotel, appointed by the Japanese Government until their mandatory isolation is complete. Once their supervised isolation period has ended, on day 8, they will be allowed to travel on public transportation and resume their travel plan.

If you, your family members, travel companions or other close contacts are quarantined or medically isolated during your voyage as a result of a positive COVID-19 test during your cruise or are suspected of having COVID-19, you are entitled to a 100% Future Cruise Credit for missed cruise days, including time in quarantine, for you, your travel party and any confirmed close contacts.

If you have purchased a travel protection plan through us, you and your travel companion may make a claim for a refund under the trip interruption benefit instead of receiving the FCC.

Yes, all ships have COVID-19 viral testing capabilities, including SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR, RT LAMP and antigen tests. Protocols for testing for SARS-CoV-2 are based on expert recommendations, including CDC testing guidance. Onboard COVID-19-related medical center testiing and assessment for positive or suspected COVID-19 cases is free of charge.

We have consulted with leading medical experts to create an extensive response plan for managing COVID-19 cases on our ships.

We have also made arrangements with local port, health and transportation authorities to support our vessels should it become necessary.

In addition to the onboard Medical Center, the shoreside Health Operations Center is staffed 24/7 by our team of dedicated medical and public health professionals.

Every ship has dedicated medical staff (doctors, nurses, etc.) operating ship medical centers to serve guests and crew on board.

They are up to date on the latest COVID-19 scientific status and trained on all relevant COVID-19 procedures.

We’ve enhanced our shipboard medical capabilities with the necessary staffing, medications, supplies, oxygen, equipment and procedures to triage and treat multiple COVID-19 cases across the full clinical spectrum including intensive care.

We’ve also expanded onboard medical roles to include staff responsible for overseeing public health issues, including outbreak prevention and response.

The medical staff requirements and equipment on each ship meet or exceed the guidelines from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Healthcare Guidelines for Cruise Ship Medical Facilities.

Where possible, we’ve increased outside air to the maximum practical level for each HVAC unit.

HVAC units have been upgraded with F7 (MERV 13) filters, and some units also have the latest generation ultraviolet light (UVC/UVGI) treatment systems to facilitate high quality recirculated air, where possible within design limitations.

The Medical Center has HEPA filtration and is maintained under negative pressure, which means the ventilation system removes more air than it allows into the room.

Shore Visits & Excursions

The ability for guests to go ashore in ports of call is controlled by the governments of the ports we visit, based on their specific COVID-19 protocols and requirements. These are subject to change.

We recommend that when going ashore you always carry your proof of vaccination and your negative COVID-19 test results from embarkation.

Guests are welcomed to go ashore either on their own or on independent third-party tours. Because this is subject to change at any time, we highly recommend you book shore excursions through Princess, as our teams are in contact with local officials who oversee health and safety standards for these tours.

You can pre-purchase shore excursions through Cruise Personalizer or on board using the MedallionClass app, digital portals or stateroom TV, subject to availability and capacity restrictions.

Tour guides, escorts and transport staff are expected to maintain and monitor physical distancing. Staff is trained in these health precautions and will monitor those on excursions for symptoms of COVID-19 and take appropriate actions. All vehicles adhere to cruise line and/or local government capacity limitations, whichever is stricter. Guest venues will be cleaned and disinfected according to COVID-19 protocols before guest arrival as well as in between groups, with attention to hand contact and high-traffic areas. All equipment, such as gloves, safety helmets and life jackets, are fully sanitized before each use.

Please note that these protocols are subject to change as further details are established. They may be updated in accordance with guidance from public health authorities.