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Making It Easier to Change Plans — Cruise with Confidence

Temporary cancellation & final payment policies extended for cruises and cruisetours departing through April 30, 2021

We have temporarily revised our policies through April 30, 2021. As always, any payments made prior to the final payment date are refundable to you in the original payment method*.

60 days

Final Payment Policy

Final Payment is due 60 days before departure, not our usual 90 days^.

30 days

Cancellation Policy

Cancel up to 30 days before you sail and receive a Future Cruise Credit** for any cancellation fees^ and a refund of additional funds received to the original payment method.

If you have purchased Princess Vacation Protection, your refunds for covered cancellation reasons will continue to be governed by Princess Vacation Protection. Please review the plan coverage, conditions and exclusions for full details. Princess Vacation Protection is available to residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec and Puerto Rico).

*For guests in the UK, deposits will be refunded in the form of a Future Cruise Credit (FCC).

**A Future Cruise Credit is like a voucher for a vacation at a later date, the promise of another adventure at sea.

^Please refer to our standard cancellation and refund policies for details about cancellation fees and final payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I have already made final payment?
    That’s OK, you won’t be on the hook for cancellation fees until 60 days from sailing.

  2. Is anything refunded or is it all given in a Future Cruise Credit?
    The Future Cruise Credit only covers cancellation fees due. Anything else, where applicable, is refunded. This includes cruise fare not under cancellation fee and Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses. For guests in the UK, your Future Cruise Credit is based on your cruise fare (which already includes the Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses).

  3. Will I have to call Princess to receive this benefit?
    No. You can cancel through any available channel – typically through your Travel Advisor or via our Contact Center. In either case, the Future Cruise Credit will automatically be applied to your Captain's Circle account after the cancellation of an eligible cruise.

    The Future Cruise Credit will not be applied instantaneously and we ask that you please be patient and allow time to process your Future Cruise Credit or Refund. No special codes are needed. We will automatically take care of it.

  4. Will my Princess Vacation Protection carryover to my new booking or do I have to purchase it again?
    No. It will need to be purchased again.

  5. What if I have flights on my booking? Will they be covered too?
    The following guidance applies to guests in North America who purchased air via the EZair® program.

    It depends; for Flexible Air, any outstanding cancellation fees will be added to the Future Cruise Credit. For Restricted Air, there may be a credit issued by the airline, which will become a separate Future Air Credit for that airline that can be used when booking your Princess Cruise (the credit only applies to that airline). The balance of the air cost paid will be refunded.

    For guests who purchased the Plane Sailing program in the UK, or EZair® in Australia & New Zealand where air credits are not available, applicable air cancellation fees will be added to your Future Cruise Credit instead.

  6. What if I book Independent air, will air cancellation fees be covered?
    No. You will need to contact your airline for their cancellation policies and changes to your air bookings.

  7. How are Future Cruise Credits distributed across the guests on my booking?
    Future Cruise Credits are given per person based on the cancellation fee calculated from your individual cruise or cruisetour fare.

  8. How do I determine my cancellation fee and final payment due date?
    Your booking confirmation email that you received at the time of booking contains the cancellation schedule and final payment terms that apply to you. If you have more questions, please visit our standard cancellation and refund policies page.

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