Regal Princess Fun Facts

To construct Regal Princess it took:

3 million man hours

37,000 tons of steel
More than 3 times the amount of steel in Los Angeles’ Disney Concert Hall

4,000 km (2,484 miles) of electrical cable
Enough to travel between the company’s offices near Los Angeles, Calif. and New York City

360,000 liters (95,000 gallons) of paint
More than twice what is reportedly used per year on the Golden Gate Bridge

200 tons of marble
More than 30 times the amount of marble in Michelangelo’s famous David statue

Regal Princess has:

A top speed of 23 knots
Equal to 26.5 miles per hour

15,000KW of transverse (sideways) thruster power
The original Love Boat, Pacific Princess had a forward propulsion power of about 13,500KW. So Regal Princesscan go faster sideways than that ship could travel forward.

An anchor weighing 14 tons

The SeaWalk glass is 28mm (1.1 inch) thick
More than 4 times thicker than the average car windshield glass

How big?

1083 feet long
Longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower

217 feet high
Taller than London’s Tower Bridge  

How much?

600 pounds of butter used each day

1,500 pounds of flour is used each day to create the ship’s fresh-baked bread, homemade pasta and pastry shop treats

4,000 pieces of art onboard

18,000 bottles of wine and champagne in the wine cellars

54,600 napkins washed per week

21,200 bath towels washed per week

250,000 eggs used per week

3 tons of ice -- used to carve 20 sculptures per cruise

170,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables consumed per cruise

900,000 pounds (about 20 truckloads) of supplies loaded every 10 days

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