Princess' Youth Programs Makes Cruising Fun for the Whole Family

With Three Distinct Age Groups and Special Enrichment Programs, Princess Offers Younger Guests Unique 'Edutainment' Opportunities

The goal of the family vacation is simple – to find that elusive experience that allows both parents and kids to each enjoy their favorite activities as well as spend quality time together. Families have discovered that cruising is an ideal way to escape, providing a destination that meets the individual interests and needs of both adults and children.

Aboard Princess ships, the respected Youth and Teen Programs provide state-of-the-art youth center facilities and an array of activities that will keep junior cruisers entertained. And parents can relax knowing their children are nearby, well-supervised and having fun.

Three Age-Appropriate Programs
Princess Youth and Teen Programs offer a wide range of fun activities for children between the ages of 3 and 17.  While youth facilities vary by vessel, children are welcomed with a myriad of games and activities on all Princess ships, and are supervised by a dedicated staff of youth activity professionals.  The program offers three distinct, age-specific programs – Princess Pelicans (ages 3-7), Shockwaves (ages 8-12) and Remix (ages 13-17). (The latter two were named by the kids themselves, who were given the opportunity to vote for names that they felt best represented their age group.)

Each group features age-appropriate activities, often with separate facilities and on some vessels age groups may be further divided based on available space. Larger vessels also offer expansive youth centers with indoor and outdoor areas or separate areas for each age group. A schedule outlining the next day's activities is delivered each evening to the youth on board. Children under age 3 are welcome to use the youth center facilities as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

On the line’s smaller vessels (Pacific Princess and Ocean Princess), children’s programs operate when 20 or more children ages 3 to 17 are on board, featuring a full schedule of supervised activities organized by qualified youth staff.

Princess Pelicans – Princess’ youngest program participants enjoy a boatload of fun activities including arts and crafts, movies and cartoons, t-shirt coloring, disco nights, sports and games, and scavenger hunts. Pelicans also delight in special birthday celebrations, pajama parties, Kids Fairs, talent shows, kids-only dinners and ice cream parties. In addition, Princess Pelicans now enjoy activities from the California Science Center, which offers a series of fun and interactive science activities. Facilities for Princess Pelicans include toddler play areas, art corners, game tables, splash pools, and jukeboxes.

Shockwaves – This pre-teen program offers non-stop activities including the latest movies, video games, talent shows, yoga, sports competitions, dance parties, arts and crafts, games, scavenger hunts, and “edutainment” programs such as “Science on the Seas,” an award-winning program developed in conjunction with the California Science Center.  In addition, kids can go “behind the scenes” in the shipboard galleys with the Jr.CHEF@Sea program. Shockwaves participants also enjoy special birthday celebrations, dance and pajama parties, kids-only dinners, and pizza and ice cream bashes. Shockwaves facilities include play areas, big-screen televisions, video games, foosball tables, and other equipment and facilities for entertaining activities.

Remix – An understated lounge where teens can escape with their peers. Remix offers events such as teen-only deck parties, hip-hop dance classes with the ship’s professional dancers, karaoke, DJ workshops, hot tub parties, talent shows, sports competitions, and pizza and mocktail socials.  Evenings feature dance parties, late-night movies, teen formals and casino night. Teen center facilities offer plasma screens, the latest PlayStation and Wii video games, music jukeboxes, karaoke machines, foosball and air hockey tables and other facilities specifically geared to teens. Princess also offers the cruise industry’s only Teen Makeover program, where young participants can learn make-up and skin care techniques geared just for them.

As part of the Princess Youth and Teen Programs, junior cruisers will also be able to participate in two special dinner evenings designed for each age group. Younger guests will enjoy dining with their newfound friends and counselors in one of their ship's many eateries. For teens, one of the two evenings will feature a special formal get-together in one of the main dining rooms, complete with photographs and a group night out to see one of Princess' many award-winning stage productions.

Having Fun and Learning Too!
Princess’ youth program also offers unique activities that will entertain and teach kids at the same time:

Jr.CHEF@Sea Program – In an industry first, Princess chefs host a hands-on food preparation workshop for junior guests in the main galley areas. The young participants go “behind the scenes” to a working shipboard kitchen area where they learn how to decorate a cake professionally or make a fruit pizza. The Junior Chefs even suit up in mini toques and chef aprons, and receive a special certificate of achievement and photo at the end of the workshop, touting their culinary achievement. Parents are invited to attend with their children.

California Science Center’s “Science on the Seas” Program – In a cruise industry exclusive, this respected Los Angeles institution provides entertaining interactive activities for children aboard most Princess ships. Princess Youth staff members have undergone extensive training with the California Science Center and are certified to present the “Science on the Seas” program that will enthrall young guests with award-winning science projects geared toward their particular ship's destination.  Learning about sharks, building roller coasters, marine biology studies, chemistry experiments, squid dissection and a Wizards Academy are just some of the exciting activities available.

Yoga for Kids and Teens In an industry first, Princess offers yoga to kids and teens in a fun and imaginative way, while promoting exercise in a positive environment.  With the worldwide popularity and widely known benefits of yoga, Princess brings this mind and body exercise to kids and teens ages 3-17. The program promotes building coordination, breathing, balance and emotional strength with an element of play incorporating music, games, and singing. With yoga mats provided, kids can participate in a variety of yoga animal poses from Downward Dog to Cat and Mouse. Classes are complimentary and are offered in the onboard youth and teen centers. Classes range from 30 minutes to one hour and parents are welcome to participate.

Junior Ranger/Teen Explorer Program – Developed with the National Park Service, Princess’ Junior Ranger program is designed to bring Glacier Bay and the Alaska wilderness to life for thousands of children each summer aboard Princess ships.  The highly respected program features interactive games, activity books and presentations by park rangers. Upon completion of the program, each child is designated a Junior Ranger and receives his/her very own ranger badge and certificate.  The corresponding Teen Explorer program offers similar learning activities designed for older participants.

Pete’s Pals program Youngsters have the opportunity to learn about threatened and endangered species in the areas in which Princess sails. By participating in the Pete’s Pals program, they are awarded a limited edition plush animal to take home. Kids learn about environmental preservation and the plight of many creatures, including humpback whales, white pelicans, sea turtles and bald eagles.

Klutz Grouptivities program Princess has teamed up with Klutz, an innovative publisher of award-winning activity books for children, to create high-quality, customized arts and crafts projects for young guests and their families. Kids can build their own storybooks, make “picture tag” for charm bracelets or luggage tags, craft paper flowers, create Thumb Doodle thumbprint art, or even make fun nail art designs.

Princess' Adventures Ashore program features a wide range of tours appealing to explorers of all ages while in port. At Princess Cays, the line's private beach in the Bahamas, a supervised play area called Pelicans’ Perch features a pirate ship playground and sandbox, providing a safe and fun place for beach play.  For young guests who would rather stay on board, the youth and teen centers offer regular activities while in port, including lunch in one of the ship’s restaurants.

Youth and Teen centers are open from 9 a.m. to noon, 1 - 5 p.m., and 6 - 10 p.m. (1 a.m. for the Teen Center) while at sea, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 6 - 10 p.m. while in port. The program is complimentary until 10 p.m. for children ages 3-12, after which parents who would like to spend an evening alone can take advantage of special late-night group kid-sitting services.  Children from ages 3 to 12 are welcome in the ships' Youth Center each night from 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. for $5 per hour.

The minimum guest age aboard Princess ships is 6 months (12 months on some of the line's Exotics itineraries).

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