FAQ: Disembarkation

An overview of some important information to help make your disembarkation as easy as possible.

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On the majority of our cruises, you will be required to identify and clear your luggage through customs. As you leave the ship, you will be directed by Princess representatives to the luggage claim area. As many bags are similar in appearance, please check each luggage tag to ensure you are claiming your own luggage.

Due to U.S. and local customs restrictions, guests may not leave the ship until all luggage is off-loaded. With this in mind, we suggest that you relax in one of the many public lounges to wait for customs clearance and disembarkation by pre-designated groups.

Customs and immigration inspectors will review with you the customs declarations form upon which you have listed all the articles bought in foreign ports or in the ship's boutiques. U.S. residents returning to the United States are allowed a duty-free exemption of $800 USD per person, which includes the cost of one liter of alcoholic beverages (if purchased onboard or ashore) for each guest 21 years of age or older. Canadian citizens, when out of the country for more than 48-hours, may bring back up to $800 CAD duty-free. It is recommended that guests keep their sales receipts handy for declaring their purchases. Food items should not be brought into U.S. ports.

On cruises calling at ports of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, or American Samoa, U.S. residents are allowed an additional exemption of $1,200 USD when returning to the United States, including four liters of alcoholic beverages provided you have the proof of purchase from the designated ports. Of your $1,200 USD exemption, no more than $600 USD worth of articles may have been purchased in the islands. Articles acquired in these islands need not accompany you but may be sent to the United States and claimed under your duty-free personal exemption if properly declared. Please note that family members, who live in the same home and return together in the United States, may combine their standard personal exemptions. Children are allowed the same as adults, with the exception of alcohol and cigarettes. Please note that these are current exemptions and are subject to change.

For further customs information, we recommend that you attend the Cruise Director's disembarkation talk given during the last days of the cruise.

If you have purchased a Princess ship-to-airport transfer, Cruise Plus Hotel Package or are participating on a cruisetour, you will be directed by uniformed Princess representatives to the transfer departure point.

If your friends or relatives are meeting you at the pier, please be advised that disembarkation may take up to four hours after the scheduled arrival of the ship in order to clear immigration and customs.


Princess Cruises makes every effort to reunite items left behind or lost during a cruise with their rightful owners. Unfortunately, not all items are identifiable.

If you lost or left behind personal property, please complete a lost item report. Once the report is complete, it will be automatically uploaded into our lost item tracking system.

Rest assured we will make every effort to find your item. As items are all shipped to our main office in Santa Clarita from all over the world, it takes time for us to receive found items and match them to loss reports. Your patience during this process is appreciated. You will hear from us shortly. Shipping fees to return items left behind will apply.

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Princess Cruises offers an exclusive loyalty program called Princess Cruises Captain's Circle. If you are cruising with us for the first time, congratulations! Your Membership in the Circle is automatic upon completion of this cruise, when you will receive your new membership details.

We at Princess Cruises believe in recognizing and rewarding your loyalty. That is why the more you cruise with us, the more benefits you receive.

Among the benefits you can expect are a complimentary subscription to the Member's quarterly magazine, as well as Member savings on select cruises. Members only access to the Circle Center Online allows you to take advantage of exclusive programs including Referral Rewards and our StandBy Program.

Exclusive onboard events, hosted by the Captain and your Circle Host are a great way for you to get to know your fellow Members.


Our Referral Rewards program allows our Members to sign up friends and relatives as new Princess guests and we will give them cruise credits towards their next booking. Not only that, but we'll do the same for their referrals!

The rewards offered are $25 per person, up to $50 per booking. The new customer must sail within 24 months of being referred. Referrals must not be currently, or have previously booked or sailed with Princess, must not have been nominated by another Member, or be 'known' by Princess (by requesting a brochure or registering at princess.com). Referrals must also be successfully made prior to new customers making a booking in order for the discount to apply.

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