FAQ: South America Cruisetours

Whether you are discovering the mystery of Machu Picchu or awe inspiring Iguazu Falls.

On your voyage, you'll savor award-winning cuisine, first-rate service and a variety of activities onboard. On your land tour, you'll enjoy comfortable and inviting accommodations, wonderful meals, historic sights and the personal attention of a tour director. We look forward to welcoming you on your upcoming land and sea vacation with Princess.

Below is supplemental information for the land portion of your cruisetour. Click on a topic headline to view detailed information relating to your selection.


To report delays en route (flight/weather)
US & Canada only 800-545-0008
Outside US & Canada 661-284-4410

Airport departure taxes may apply in Santiago, Lima, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro and are payable in local currency. These will be the responsibility of the guest.

All U.S.,  Australian, Mexican and Albanian citizens entering Santiago, Chile, through the International Airport must pay a reciprocity fee before passing through customs. It's very important to know that this fee cannot be paid in advance and must be paid by every person directly at the Immigration Office at the International Airport. It must be paid in USD by cash or credit card (American Express or Visa) or American travelers checks. Amounts are subject to change without previous notice and are as follows:

Santiago Fees
U.S. citizens n/a
Australian citizens $95.00 per person - the fee is valid for 3 months
Mexican citizens $23.00 per person - the fee is valid for 3 months
Albanian citizens $30.00 per person - the fee is valid for 3 months

Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Canadian, and Australian passport holders visiting Argentina are required to pay a reciprocity fee online.

This fee must be paid by credit card prior to your cruise and is required regardless of whether you choose to remain onboard or go ashore. The reciprocity fee amounts are as follows:

Once paid, print and bring the electronic ticket with you to cruise check-in. Please note, the ticket reads "TASA DE RECIPROCIDAD" at the top and has a bar code at the bottom. Do not pack the reciprocity document in your checked luggage, as you must present the ticket with an official bar code at cruise check-in or risk being denied boarding.    


Princess requires advance notification if you will be traveling with a wheelchair. In general, we recommend that non-ambulatory guests be accompanied by someone who is able to assist them throughout the duration of their tour. There are no lift-equipped motorcoaches available and hotels do not have wheelchair accessible rooms. It's imperative that you bring your own collapsible wheelchair if needed. If you have special requests or questions regarding accessibility, please have your travel agent contact Princess Cruises at 1-800-774-6237.

Iguazu Falls Experience and Iguazu Falls Adventure

  • Touring in Argentina does not involve a considerable amount of walking , but guests who depend on wheelchairs for mobility or who require assistance walking, will find it difficult to participate in some sightseeing.
  • The Argentinean side of the Falls is accessible; the Brazilian side is not.

Machu Picchu Explorer

  • If you have heart problems or high blood pressure, you should consult your doctor first.
  • Cusco has an elevation of 11,203 feet above sea level.
  • At Machu Picchu there are approximately 200 steps to walk up, so you must be in good general health to do this tour. It is not wheelchair accessible.

While in South America, exercise the same common sense you would in any large city or unfamiliar place. Carry only small amounts of cash, and keep it in several locations. We recommend that you leave your valuable jewelry, keys and address books at home. Take the necessary safeguards against petty street crime, as it is not uncommon in tourist areas. Essentials like your passport, credit and ATM cards, cash, and travel documents should be kept in a money belt and in your possession at all times or in the hotel safe.

Time Zones
Iguazu Falls Experience and Iguazu Falls Adventure

  • Argentina Time +5 hours Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • Brazil Time +6 hours Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Machu Picchu Explorer:

  • Peru Time +3 hours Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Iguazu Falls Experience and Iguazu Falls Adventure:

  • Iguazu Falls & Rio de Janeiro - Brazilian Real

Machu Picchu Explorer

  • Chile - Chilean Peso
  • Peru - Nuevo Sol

Cash Expenses
Unlike cruising, cashless travel does not apply on land. Make sure to have cash and/or a credit card and valid ID on hand. Additional expenses will include and are not limited to: meals at your hotel and elsewhere, room incidentals, shuttle services, laundry, and gift shop purchases. If you wish to charge meals, drinks or phone calls to your hotel room, stop by the front desk upon arrival at your destination to establish credit.

Daily breakfast is included in your tour, along with select lunch and dinners. Visit the Cruise Personalizer® for your detailed itinerary regarding specific inclusions for your tour. Your tour director will be able to provide you recommendations for meals on your own. Included dinners generally feature beef options, please provide any dietary needs to your tour director the day of arrival.

Following is a general price range of what you may expect to pay for meals (in US dollars):

Meals in Rio de Janeiro Range
Lunch $20 - $40 per person
Dinner at hotel restaurant $20 - $40 per person (drinks not included)
Meals in Iguazu Falls Range
Lunch: Sandwiches or salads in the snack bar $25 - $30 per person
Dinner $25 - $60 per person (drinks not included)
Meals in Buenos Aires Range
Lunch $10.00 - $15.00 per person

The customary end-of-tour gratuities to your tour director and motorcoach driver are not included, as they are at your discretion. Gratuities are a personal matter and an expression of appreciation for genuine, personal service provided by knowledgeable and creative professionals. Below are suggested ranges (in US dollars) to assist you in determining what gratuity amount is appropriate.

Service Gratuity
Meals Average 10% gratuity for server, may be included on the bill
Motorcoach Driver $1 - $3 (per person, per day)
Escorted Tour Director $3 - $5 (per person, per day)

Electricity Information
Electricity in Argentina, Peru and Chile is 220 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC). Wall outlets usually take continental-type plugs, with two round prongs. Iguazu Falls and Rio de Janeiro are 110 volts that use three prongs; two flat and one round. An international adapter and power converter is recommended.

Cell Phone Coverage
Ask your tour director for information, as long-distance calling cards are not always your best option. If you do use them, please be aware that different access codes apply, depending on the country you are calling from (remember to bring this information with you from home). Hotels will probably make a connecting charge even to toll-free numbers. Various international long distance calling cards or local phone cards may be available, so ask your tour director to direct you to the most convenient location to purchase.

For your mobile phone to function abroad, remember to activate "roaming" or global network-searching option (but find out the possible tariffs before you leave home, as this commodity can be very expensive).

Traveling with Children
Due to heightened security, many countries have adopted practices to prevent international abductions of children. If a child will be traveling with grandparents or with only one parent, it is recommended that a notarized letter be written by the parents or non-traveling parent stating the dates of travel and granting authorization to travel. We suggest that you also contact the appropriate consulates and airlines, who may have additional requirements.

The CDC recommends that you speak with your child's doctor about your travel plans outside of North America. He or she can give you recommendations on which vaccines or medicines are safe for your child. You may also want to consider bringing your child's car seat, as the availability and quality of such seats abroad may be limited.

This average low/high temperature chart will give you an idea of what to expect on your cruisetour. 

Average Low/High Temperatures (degrees Fahrenheit)

Destination December January February March
Lima 76/66 80/68 81/69 81/68
Cusco 69/43 65/43 65/43 66/43
Machu Picchu 66/45 65/46 64/45 65/45
Santiago 82/52 84/54 84/52 81/48
Rio de Janeiro 84/72 85/74 85/74 82/71
Iguazu Falls 90/65 91/67 90/68 88/65

Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu's rainy season is December - March.

Many guests have concerns about the altitude encountered during their journeys. The following chart shows the maximum elevations you will encounter on your cruisetour:

Location Highest Altitude
Aquas Calientes 6,693 ft.
Cusco 11,203 ft.
Lima 490 ft.
Machu Picchu 7,710 ft.
Sacred Valley 9,160 ft.

There are no optional land excursions available at this time on South America cruisetours.


Clothing Suggestions
We recommend that you bring casual, comfortable, easy-care clothes for the land portion of your cruisetour. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. An umbrella or raingear are recommended. Dress for evening excursions is smart casual; no formal dress is required.

Here is a brief listing of suggested items:


  • Water repellent coat or jacket
  • Rain hat
  • Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
  • Lightweight windbreaker
  • Sweaters
  • Pants or shorts


  • Same attire as worn during the day - casual

Other Recommended Items

  • Cameras
  • Binoculars
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Collapsible umbrella
  • Sunglasses

All Princess cruisetours include our hassle-free luggage handling service every step of the way. During the land portion of your vacation, your luggage will be transported via motorcoach and delivered to your hotel room. Please check with your airline carrier for luggage allowance/restrictions and guidelines prior to departure.

Important luggage reminders:

  • Essential medicines, travel documents, valuables and breakables should be hand carried in your possession at all times.
  • Princess will make every effort to assist you in safeguarding your belongings. But remember, you are responsible for your things at all times. Princess is not responsible for money, jewelry, cameras, binoculars, documents or any other articles you retain in your personal control.
  • All luggage should have a sturdy personal identification tag that will not be lost or damaged in the course of typical airport and trucked luggage handling.
  • On journeys including air travel, luggage will be subject to a considerable amount of handling and we would recommend that your luggage be of sturdy construction.
  • Princess recommends that your travel protection is adequate enough to cover any possible loss or damage which may occur. Any loss or damage caused by Princess or an airline must be reported immediately to the responsible party.

Iguazu Falls Experience Cruisetour
Please be sure to pack an overnight bag for your stay in Iguazu Falls. All other luggage will be stored at the hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The checked baggage allowance on the flight from Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls is 50 pounds per person. One piece of carry-on baggage is allowed not to exceed 11 pounds.

It is important to remember to keep all valuables, medications and documents, including your passport, on your person. Please don't pack your airline tickets or cruise documents in your checked luggage.

Iguazu Falls Adventure Cruisetour
All of your luggage will travel with you throughout the entire land tour. The checked luggage allowance on the flight from Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls is 50 pounds per person. One piece of carry-on bag is allowed not to exceed 11 pounds. The checked baggage allowance on the flight from Iguazu Falls to Buenos Aires is 33 pounds per person. One piece of carry-on luggage is allowed not to exceed 6 pounds. Princess Cruises will pay for any overweight checked luggage fees up to 50 additional pounds per person.

It is important to remember to keep all valuables, medications and documents, including your passport, on your person. Please don't pack your airline tickets or cruise documents in your checked luggage.

Machu Picchu Explorer Cruisetour
You are allowed a checked bag not to exceed 44 pounds per person on the flight from Lima to Cusco and vice versa. All other luggage will be stored in Lima where you will reunite with it when you return. The checked baggage allowance on the flight from Lima to Santiago is 50 pounds per person. One piece of carry-on luggage is allowed.

Please follow these recommendations for packing:

Luggage needed during Land Tour

  • Pack one bag and place luggage where instructed by your tour director. The bell staff will pick it up and deliver it from your room to the coach each morning you depart your hotel.
  • This bag will be transported separately from you and will not be accessible during transit.
  • Items to put in this bag include clothing, sleepwear, nonessential toiletries, extra shoes and anything else you might need at your hotel but do not need access to during the day.

Luggage not needed during Land Tour

  • Guests who cruise after their land tour should pack a separate bag for items they will not need on land.
  • This bag is perfect for the items you may need on your cruise but will not need on your land tour, such as formal wear, dress shoes, or dinner jackets. On the land portion of your cruisetour, the dress code is always casual so there is no need for any formal wear.
  • All luggage is delivered to the first destination on your land itinerary. Upon departure from that city, the bags will be securely stored and returned to your hotel room the final night of the tour.

Hand-Carry Tote/Backpack

  • You'll want this bag with you every step of the way, so include only the essentials.
  • Items to pack in this bag include travel documents, photo ID, important medication, toiletries, camera, and any extra layers of clothing such as jackets or hats.
  • It is important to remember to keep all valuables, medications and documents, including your passport, on your person. Please don't pack your airline tickets or cruise documents in your checked luggage.

An experienced and knowledgeable tour director will accompany you on your travels, taking care of all the details. Included meals will be noted on your itinerary. The tour directors will do their utmost to accommodate individual preferences within the pre-reserved times. Unless otherwise stated, he or she accompanies you throughout your land travels, but does not accompany you on any flight between the cruise and tour, or on your Princess cruise. Local guides are used as well for their unique perspective and experience in their areas of expertise.


Motorcoach Travel

  • Princess contracts with trained and knowledgeable drivers for your motorcoach travels.
  • Ample stops are made for photo and rest breaks.
  • Coaches are equipped with restrooms.

Hotel Stays
While we communicate specific requests, bed types and room locations can be limited; therefore room assignments are at the discretion of hotel management. While the requests are communicated, non-smoking rooms are not guaranteed. As a general rule, check-out is before noon and check-in is after 4 p.m.

Santiago shopping highlights include leather goods, shoes, cashmere sweaters and wine.

The handicrafts in Peru are highly prized throughout the world. A large variety of silverware, alpaca and vicuna woolen goods and garments in pima cotton can be bought. Original antiquities ("huacos", ceramics, colonial-era paintings, Inca textiles and metal objects, etc.) which may be considered Peru's cultural heritage, cannot be taken out of the country.

Brazil offers a wide range of shopping options, from the various kinds of handicraft to sophisticated clothing, at very reasonable prices. Beautifully designed jewelry is found with prices much below international standards.

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