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1-900-CALL-SHIP and 1-900-329-SHIP have been disconnected. For a list of current ship phone numbers, please visit the Contact Phone Numbers section.


Make sure that your "caps lock" key is not engaged on your keyboard, and re-enter your information carefully, making sure that it is exactly the information that was provided to you upon booking. If you continue to have problems, contact Princess.


Click on the link "Your Profile" on the homepage, this will take you to your registration information. Simply enter a new password in the password field, and verify it, then hit Submit Information.


If you are a Mac user, we recommend Safari or Firefox.

Also, please note that the information required to enter the Cruise Personalizer page, such as name and booking number, must be entered exactly as it appears on your booking record.

If you continue to experience difficulty accessing this page, please contact our Reservations Deparment and one of our Cruise Consultants will be happy to assist you further.


The picture will refresh automatically every 2 minutes. If the image does not appear to be updating, hold the shift key and click "Reload" in your browser.

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