Celebrate with a Princess Cruise

Come Aboard and Celebrate!

98% of guests who’ve sailed with Princess agree that a Princess cruise is a great way to celebrate. Why? It’s falling in love — or falling in love again — on the ships that inspired The Love Boat. It’s reconnecting with your favorite people – the young and the young at heart, in a place designed to please both. It’s being treated by a crew who believe that moments like these are the best part of their job. Princess is world-famous for its celebrations at sea. Come aboard and celebrate... and you’ll find out why.

Celebrations Made Easy

The most relaxing celebrations don’t require you to lift a finger—only a fork. On land, planning a celebration demands coordination, scheduling, and reservations. At sea, the only hard choice you’ll make is whether you’d like to eat outside on your private balcony, or at one of our award-winning specialty restaurants.

Happy Birthday To You

Birthdays with Princess take the cake. Do whatever you want on your special day. Explore places you’ve never been. Sunbathe by the pool. Savor our sumptuous Norman Love Chocolate Journeys. When you return home, you won’t come back one year older—you’ll come back new®.

Romantic Moments Await

Your marriage vows were built to last — but why not wake up to a new view? Marvel at luminous sunrises and sunsets as you sip champagne on your private veranda. Share restful — or restless! — nights upon our Princess Luxury Bed®. Rediscover the reasons you fell in love as you explore world-famous destinations together. Marriage is an adventure... and so is a Princess cruise.

Special Days At Sea

On Princess, your special day is our special day. It could be a maître d’ arriving with a delectable treat while you’re dining at our restaurants. Or finding an extra something on your stateroom door or pillow. We believe in surprising and delighting our guests. Consider yourself warned.

Everyone in your party deserves champagne!

Family Celebration Vacations

The heart of a celebration is spending time with those you love. But what if one person you love is 17, and the other is 71? It’s hard to pick an activity that appeals to everyone. A Princess cruise is a perfect chance to celebrate together while enjoying the hundreds of amazing activities taking place on Princess ships from morning to night.

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Princess Says Yes!

Start your love story at sea. We have an onboard chapel with your name on it. But if you want our captain to marry you in the pool, we can make that happen, too. Princess will say “yes!” so you can say “I do!”

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The Happiest Holidays At Sea

Cherish traditions in a new land during a holiday cruise. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, even International Chocolate Day – every holiday is better with Princess. Celebrating a special day of your own? We help guests create personalized festivities for all kinds of unique milestones. Tell us yours, and we'll do our best to make it unforgettable.

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Celebrations Expertise

She grew up playing Vicki Stubing on The Love Boat. She got married onboard Caribbean Princess®. She’s sailed countless times with family and friends. It’s no wonder Jill Whelan is our Celebrations Ambassador – she knows how to create special moments at sea. Now she'll share her experiences and expertise with you.

The Gift Of A Lifetime

Sometimes, it’s not what you get for your special day. It’s what you do. Climb trees with monkeys. Land a helicopter on an ice-blue glacier. Learn a master chef's secret to the perfect soufflé. These aren’t dream items on a bucket list for someday. These are experiences Princess offers today to make your special occasion cruise unforgettable.

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