Why Take a World Cruise?

Collect a world of countless stories as you sail from continent to continent

Fascinating discoveries will fill every moment of your World Cruise – both on ship and on shore. From the comfortable elegance of your Princess ship to a wide range of activities and entertainment options, your favorite World Cruise memories may be the ones you make right on board!

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Adventure of a Lifetime

Nothing can beat the experience of a World Cruise. The camaraderie among guests, the shared experiences in fascinating ports across the globe, and the parties and celebrations on board and ashore all make this a true adventure that everyone should embark on at least once in their lifetime.

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Exclusive Experiences

Enjoy special activities unique to this epic voyage. Over 50 international guest entertainers keep you smiling; attend cocktail parties and themed deck parties, watch local folkloric shows, savor special officer dinners, commemorative take-home menus, cooking classes with Princess Cruises Chefs and much more.

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Fresh Flavors & Global Tastes

Cuisine is designed for fresh — prepared from scratch, using regionally sourced ingredients. In addition to the delicious signature dishes that Princess® is known for, you'll be treated to flavors and influences from the traditional cuisines of the destinations you are visiting, bringing a bit of the tantalizing tastes of the world on board.

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Unforgettable Ports of Call

Not only will you encounter some of the world’s most revered sites and cities from Dubai to Sydney, you’ll have the opportunity to step ashore in lesser-frequented by ship ports, including Venice, Ashdod for the holy land, and Mindelo, Cape Verde.

World Cruises

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