Cartagena Excursions: Soak up History in the Old City

Cartagena, Colombia

If you're a history buff who wants to learn more about the European colonial period, look no further than Cartagena in Colombia. One of the more historically rich ports on a Panama Canal cruise, Cartagena shore excursions will give you plenty of insight into a bygone era.

At one point in time, Cartagena could be considered the seat of power for Spain in South America. The Spanish Empire used the port to transfer much of the wealth they had accumulated throughout colonies back to Europe. Today, with a population of almost a million people, Cartagena has launched into the 21st century, with much of the city resembling many other modern metropolis. Fortunately, the colonial Spanish architecture and other features of the old Cartagena has been preserved in many areas.

For a prime example of this, pay a visit to the Cartagena's beautiful Old City. Cartagena excursions are never complete unless they feature a stop this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area of town looks exactly as it did many years ago, and the impressive walls surrounding it, known as Las Murallas, were once Cartagena's only fortification. Be sure to visit Las Bovedas, a row of former dungeons located within. These historic buildings have since been converted to function as charming shops and restaurants.

Of course, not everything worth seeing in Cartagena is located in the Old City. You won't want to miss the Cathedral during your Cartagena excursion, a beautiful church with architecture that’s truly divine.